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So this morning, right after I finished writing the post Caller ID at around 3am, I found out that the condition of my ever-deteriorating battery has taken a turn for the worse. It won’t hold a charge for much longer than a minute at present. The charge goes somewhat like this:

Seconds 1: 100%

Seconds 5: 77%

Seconds 10: ~60%

Seconds 15: ~50%

Seconds 20: ~40%

Seconds 25: ~30%

Seconds 30: ~20%?

Seconds 40: ~10%

Seconds 40-60: Stays at 10%

After a minute: Goes suddenly to 0%, computer shutdown.

Seriously my old HP laptop was not nearly as bad with battery life even after a year and half. At least that damn thing held about two hours of charge even after a year. This one is only slightly over a year and I’m lucky to get a minute out of it? HP must have used significantly lower quality battery cells, but I can’t complain anyway because they’ll tell me “oh its normal part of aging” with a Hindi accent.


So a new battery pack from HP-Battery.ca will run me about $90 – but it’s better than my original plan of replacing the entire laptop which would’ve ran me about $600 at the least.


After coming home from work, I tried to see how long my battery runs now.

To my surprise, even after unplugging the battery for more than 5 minutes, the computer didn’t shut down. You’d imagine how happy I was. Until I check the charge:

“Battery Charge: 100%”

That’s after 5 minutes of not being hooked to AC. I then let it sit for another 5 minutes – the battery meter didn’t move. Still 100% apparently. I thought something was wrong, so I checked the battery charge levels using RMClock, a system utility tool.



Larger Image:


Yeah, apparently I have 700,000mWh of charge, which is roughly 15X the designed capacity of the battery. Plus its not discharging, no matter how long I leave it unplugged! Like that’s not as weird as the battery suddenly losing charge. I seriously wonder what the hell is going on with the lithium-ion cells inside…


2 thoughts on “HP Battery

  1. I wonder if you can find any HP battery on craigslist. you should give it a try if you haven’t already.

    p.s – so was that you on 4ch posting as anon ? www

    1. I don’t want to get it off craigslist though, because you never know if its been modified or heavily used and its fishy in general, so yeah.

      On 4ch I always post as anonymous.

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