Cowon S9


This morning, as I walked into my CMPT300 lecture room and proceeded to set up my laptop, i realized that I might have forgot to mute my speakers. So I unplugged my earphones from my S9 and plugged it into the laptop to silence it. The earphones and the S9 spent the entire day apart from each other. Keep that in mind.

6:43pm. I got ready to leave Linux Lab for the bus loop. Since buses these days seem to jump the gun all the freaking time, I decided to rush there even though I’m supposed to have 7minutes left. On the way, I realized I needed to get my S9 out. It spent the entire day in my bag. As I pulled it out, one of the rubber earpad fell off. Since I lost 2 pairs already and I was on the last pair, I kneeled to pick it up. Meanwhile in the same hand, I had the S9 in the same hand, tangled with the earphone.

The S9 slipped out of my hand and dropped onto the pavement, face flat from a metre high.

I’m sure many of you have seen people with iPhones/iPods with a cracked/shattered screen. I used to poke fun at them, wondering how on earth they can crack tempered glass that did not scratch at all even with a key. Well, I’m now one of them. The S9 still works. But cracks are everywhere on the screen.




I had this for a year and a month. I’m still unhappy about my bad luck. I suppose I’ll keep using it for another year like this.


2 thoughts on “Cowon S9

  1. Oh wait you’re going to continue using it? lol
    Jacky and I were thinking what you would do if we bought you an iPod for your birthday xD

    1. of course, I can’t afford to buy another one and besides, FLAC, my friend. FLAC.

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