Angel Beats! EP1

Angel Beats!

As they say, “out with the old, in with the new”. The last episode of the winter anime season aired last week, and this week the first episodes of the spring season are set to air in Japan. So what does this mean?


Of course. It’s one of the most anticipated anime of this season. A project by Maeda Jun of Key/Visual Arts’, the first episode aired at 2:00am JST last night (April 2) and the RAW files are already up at torrents.

I haven’t followed Angel Beats! as much as Key’s visual novel projects (Kud Wafter/Rewrite) but from what I know, this is the first ever anime work directed and produced directly by Key. Also significant in that this anime is not based off any visual novels, a break with tradition.

Episode 01: Departure

The episode actually starts much like one of the teasers released a few weeks back. It’s pretty epic from the beginning, I must say. Yuri is wielding something that resembles a Chey-Tac Intervention, which makes its appearance in Modern Warfare 2. She’s later joined by another SSS member armed with an AK-74.



And here’s Tenshi, the antagonist of the series, though her looks don’t fit the role. Loli fans rejoice! 😀


I found this part epically hilarious. Kinda like an one-way Street Fighter.


Aftermath of that 100HIT:



Ooh, pretty bloody. I suppose that’s why it airs at 2am and not 7pm. But our protagonist is very much alive, because hey, they’re already dead. You can’t kill a dead person, otherwise Left4Dead would lose its entire premise.

Another hilarious moment:




Eventually the story winds itself so that our protagonist, Otonashi, agrees to collaborate with the SSS. This sets the rest of the episode into motion, which is really, really epic.


The live band scene that the producers used motion capture for:


I won’t spoil the rest of the episode for those that haven’t watched it yet, so no more pictures. But if you’re a gun buff like me, and enjoy chicks with guns – this is a godsend. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have a loli as the antagonist. But this, my friends, is scary:


Guess who’s taking it all and still surviving?


The thing I noticed about this episode:

Some graphical anomalies

– It seemed to me that some character’s proportions were slightly off at times. It’s kinda hard to explain.

Lots of action

– Yeah, there’s a lot of action, right from the get-go, whether it be comical or serious.

Tenshi is fucking cute

– Pretty consistently drawn too.

List of Weapons

– AK-74

– Chey-Tac Intervention

– M134 Vulcan Cannon

– Glock G18 (or 17)

– Nambu Type 100 SMG (Imperial Japanese Army)

– AKS-74 (Paratrooper variant)

– AT-4 Rocket Launcher

– Possibly a MG42

– PPSh-43 SMG

– Model 1887 Winchester Shotgun

Let me repeat: Tenshi is an epically awesome loli

– Yes, she is.


3 thoughts on “Angel Beats! EP1

  1. 天使もえーー
    ユイ showed up for 2 seconds only DX
    hopefully she will get more air time in EP2

    1. 萌ええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええ

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