V.I.P第8回 クドわふたースペシャルニコニコ生放送

Kud Wafter, Visual Novels

Just hours after I updated with Angel Beats! info, I received an email from Nicovideo about their live broadcast in which the Opening theme for Kud Wafter was to be revealed for the first time, and it was to take place at 2:30pm JST (12:30pm PDT). Of course I’m a Kudo buff so this got me completely excited out of my mind 😀

The live 2-hour netcast was supposedly limited to 10,000 viewers but guess what, 20min into the show it already broke 10,000 and it was still going strong. All the ordinary Nicovideo users started freaking out about being disconnected, but Dwango seemingly raised the limit, because at the end there were 23,000 people watching and no one was forced to disconnect. But being an ordinary Nicovideo user (as opposed to premium) I aplogize for the poor quality of the video and the resulting screenshots.

The event itself took place in Osaka, featuring many of Key’s big names – Orito, Kai, Shimizu and more, with appearance by the VA of Kudo, Suzuta Miyako. She is just too moe, seriously.

For some videos of the event, check out this blog.

Just after I got in. I was viewer #341!


First appearance by Suzuta, donning her usual dog costume.



The very first live performance of Kud Wafter’s theme song, “one’s future”. 04-03-2010_00-41-12

After the live performance, interview with Kai and Shimizu. Suzuta went offstage, sounding pretty exhausted.


About 20min later Suzuta came back.


In addition, Maeda Jun had a taped greeting to the event viewers. He looks pretty damn tired in the video, but a cool guy nonetheless. Perhaps pulling several all-nighters to get Kud Wafter and Rewrite done?


Illustrator Na-Ga’s message. He doesn’t reveal his face, so it was a simply voice only Q&A session. Some lucky fellow won this sketchbook that features illustrations by Na-Ga, Maeda Jun and Hinoue Itaru. It is the only one of its kind in the world!


It was Orito Shinji’s turn to appear on stage.



It was at this point that Orito Shinji dropped a bombshell:

Kud Wafter will


a demo of Rewrite!

I was like “HOLY CRAP IS THIS SERIOUS?” and smiling from ear to ear. The comments were filled with おおおおおおおおおおおお or ほんと? or マジで? and I joined in the chorus xD.

This was something completely unexpected either way. Key usually doesn’t release demos’ of their visual novels, but this time around, the initial limited release of Kud Wafter will come with the maxi single “one’s future” and a demo of Rewrite. As you can see in the next screenshot (8 means clap) the entire netcast and the audience erupted in claps.


A figure of Kudo in her halloween costume that was awarded to one lucky fellow in a draw after the live netcast ended. A rare item as well!


One of the star attraction of the netcast: The official opening movie for Kud Wafter, a yet another premiere!

04-03-2010_02-09-21 04-03-2010_02-09-11


I like the new loli girl, and towards the end when the presenter took a vote, Shiina won by a pretty big margin over the other new character, Yuuki.

04-03-2010_02-10-43 04-03-2010_02-10-46 04-03-2010_02-11-05

The netcast ended at around 2:20am PDT.


To sum it up:

First release limited edition items:

– Demo of Rewrite

– Maxi single of the opening theme

– Maybe more?

Progress of Kud Wafter:

– CG is complete

– Soundtrack is nearly complete

What else?

– Shimizu will now be known as “やんkey” from now on. (referring to his dyed hair and outfit, which make him look like a juvenile deliquent.)

– earthsong won the rare figure, and daime won the only sketchbook of its kind in the world.

– a Yaris that belonged to Orito (now Key’s) and covered in Kud Wafter promotional print will be touring all around Japan and eventually will be auctioned, with Orito himself delivering the vehicle to the winner!


2 thoughts on “V.I.P第8回 クドわふたースペシャルニコニコ生放送

  1. god damm stupid bloody power outage ahhhh DX that made me miss this ;__;

    @Kudo Halloween Figure
    I saw that for sale in Taiwan , it was about $200 CDN

    there are MORE characters in Kudo Wafuta ?!

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