Angel Beats! EP2

Angel Beats!


I got my hands on the second episode of Angel Beats! earlier this evening. Download took about 4 minutes, thanks to the massive number of Japanese peers.

This episode also marks the first time the opening theme song has played during the regular episode. It’s a very calm, soothing song, and the opening movie is just as good.

Also. This episode is really different from EP1. It’s much more serious and there isn’t much humor, unlike EP1. I’m really starting to see Maeda Jun’s famous writing style with this episode.


The very first scene. Tenshi is playing the piano.

04-09-2010_21-46-45 04-09-2010_21-47-51

The opening itself felt very short, or maybe because the awesome visuals got me hooked.


The first few scenes of the episode shows the crew in their headquarters, discussing their next move. The problem, and the central theme of this weeks’ episode, is their impending depletion of ammunition. They all decide to head to the ギルド or Guild, which is located deep underground.

04-09-2010_21-49-49 04-09-2010_21-49-56

The entrance to this Guild is located in the gymnasium, where they store the chairs.

04-09-2010_21-50-37 04-09-2010_21-52-06

Since the Guild supplies the SSS with ammunition and weapon repair, it has numerous security system and traps in place to protect them against Tenshi. On this particular day, the traps were supposed to have been disarmed to let the SSS enter safely. But it just so happens that Tenshi had entered into the passageway before the SSS arrived and hence, all the traps were set back in place.

I won’t spoil the different types of traps, but it makes for an interesting segment of the episode. But this is as close to humor as it gets throughout this entire episode. Everything else is quite serious.


Before they encounter their first trap.


Funny thing happened here. Won’t say what.



The story becomes a lot more grim at this point, where only Otonashi and Yuri have survived the traps. Yuri tells a story of her childhood, one filled with sadness, and why she now resists God as the leader of SSS.


After the talk, they arrive at the Guild, a massive underground factory.


Soon after Yuri and Otonashi arrives, Tenshi makes it clear that she is also nearing the Guild as well. The Guild workers have a discussion and decide to abandon the Guild to start again elsewhere.


A battle against Tenshi erupts once again.


This time around, the Guild workers brought this huge cannon to the battle as well. They escape Tenshi by self-destructing the Guild and causing the walls to cave in.


The final scene of the ending credits. A good song and nicely done.

So, now what?


This episode was much, much better animated than the last one. There weren’t the graphical anomalies I described in the last post, and even if there were some I could not notice it. Proportions looked all well done with no glaring errors, at least for me.


This is what we 鍵っ子 (Kagikko, Key fans) have come to know – Maeda Jun writes the best stories that induce emotions. This episode was much more serious in tone than the last one, something I appreciate. Also, this episode revealed one piece of the Angel Beats! puzzle: Why Yuri is who she is now, and what caused it.


Nice fights as usual, though this time around it’s a melee battle instead.

Those who haven’t watched it yet, go watch this! Even if you didn’t like EP1, check this one out, because it’s not as “wtf” as EP1.


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