Kudryavka Writing Mat/Rin&Komari Hug Pillowcases



Received more new stuff today, the first of 2 shipments I expect this week. This first item is a clear “shitajiki” which is Japanese for something you lay on the bottom of your paper when writing (for improved clarity). This shitajiki features an almost-nude Noumi Kudryavka ;D

The second item is a 2-pack hug pillowcase, one featuring Komari and the other Rin. Since it is a “prize item” the price is pretty low, at just ~$30 for both. Not sure about the quality since I haven’t opened it yet (package came as I was exiting the door for the bus).

A more thorough post is coming later tonight!


So first up is the writing mat:



This art is not actually present in the game itself (would be so nice if it was) but rather it was a special gift – I think it was a bedsheet, to be specific – packaged inside the limited first release edition of Little Busters! EX. If you look closely, Kudo’s right hand extends beyond the mat itself – on the other side is Komari in a bikini, exactly like the one you’ll see in my later photos.

As you can guess…I bought this simply for the art. Shitajikis are standard issue in Japanese elementary schools, where students must use one when writing, supposedly to improve legibility and neatness – though I honestly don’t think any elementary kids would be using this ;D

Besides, it was cheap, at ~$8 on Hobby Search.

Komari Hug Pillowcase/Dakimakura cover


It’s a hug pillowcase of Komari in her standard bikini swimwear that can be seen in several older Dengeki G’s Magazine and also the Little Busters! Perfect Visual book. Sadly this art isn’t in the game either.

The entire 160cmX50cm cover, unfurled in its glory:



Rin Hug Pillowcase


Much like the last one, this art isn’t found in-game either.



The character images on these covers aren’t that special, yes, but these are in fact minigame “prizes”. So basically, imagine yourself at PlayLand (or a theme park for those not from Vancouver). You know how there are stands where you can play games and win prizes? This is basically the Japanese version of that dinosaur stuffed animal. So these items aren’t for general sale – I don’t know Hobby Search got hold of them, but for ~$30 together it’s a fantastic deal. Sure, the fabric is no microfibre but nylon isn’t that bad either. I won’t be using this though; all the dakimakura covers I buy aren’t meant to be used, but rather displayed.

My section of the bookshelf (that I commandeered from my mom xD):


A lot of stuff are hidden in the back because hey, this is a bookshelf after all, not a display gallery.

What’s coming

My next shipment of Dengeki G’s Magazine should be coming in a few days, since it was shipped out 5 days after this package was shipped. Plus with the next shipment comes Angel Beats! themed Dengeki G’s Festival “Deluxe” Vol.6, with a Nendroid Petite figure of Yuri and yet another dakimakura cover, featuring Tenshi. It’s gonna be an exciting few days!


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