Angel Beats! EP3

Angel Beats!

The third episode of Angel Beats is out!

I’ll do something different and provide the torrent for a RAW (that is, no English subtitles) version of Angel Beats!.

[Leopard-Raws] Angel Beats! – 03 RAW (1280×720 x264)


So, another day, another mission. This is beginning to remind me of Kyosuke in Little Busters! EX and his nightly “missions”.

04-16-2010_21-23-31 04-16-2010_21-23-37

Today a new character is introduced. His name is Takeyama, but he calls himself “Christ”. As you can guess, he’s a perfect stereotype of a nerd.

04-16-2010_21-24-01 04-16-2010_21-24-03 04-16-2010_21-24-27

Noda made the bad choice of challenging Takeyama to a duel, kinda like how he did when he first met Otonashi back in EP1. But hey, in the words of Yuri –  “He’s stupid. So he can only be defeated by smart.” Guess what Takeyama is reciting? Hundreds and hundreds of digits of Pi.

04-16-2010_21-24-29 04-16-2010_21-25-10

This day’s mission involves breaking into Tenshi’s residence. They’ve done it before and was foiled last time. Yuri sets the date at 3 days later, to start at 19:00.


…but, for this episode, the actual mission seems to be a backburner while the story of Iwasawa (the lead singer/guitarist of Girls Dead Monster) is the focus. The title pretty much emphasizes that fact. Plus, much like in the last episode, we were told the story of Yuri in her previous life.


Iwasawa lived in a violent family and her parents constantly argued, and with nowhere to go, she was inspired by a rock band at a music store to take up music. Finding an old guitar on the curb she performed on the street, taking up part-time jobs to maybe eventually leave home. One day, at work – she collapses, and finds herself in the hospital bed, eventually ending her life there.

She tells Otonashi about this during a break from practice.


KEY brand vending machines! They totally should get into the drink business too.


Oh, and Yui, the moe/loli character finally gets significant airtime!


Yui helping out the Girls Dead Monster by putting posters up.

04-16-2010_21-26-36 04-16-2010_21-27-26

…and when she meets Otonashi, Yui goes completely off-topic about how great Girls Dead Monster is.

04-16-2010_21-27-30 04-16-2010_21-27-34


カワイイ O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪



I lol'd at this one.


I lol’d at this one.


She’s finally going back to “work”.


One of her very few lines spoken by Tenshi in this scene. In her hand is one of the posters Yui was putting up.


So the day comes and SSS members successfully “infiltrate” Tenshi’s hideout. Although…


It’s pretty much just another regular female dorm. But they get to work fast to crack the password Tenshi put on her PC.


And meanwhile the live is well underway and attracts a lot of NPCs. Even Tenshi shows up, which is well according to the plan.


Unfortunately though, while SSS members are busy cracking the password Yuri gets notice that the live concert got broken up by the school administration.

Remember Iwasawa’s story earlier in the episode? It becomes the central theme here. She starts singing a ballad – the same one she sang in the beginning of the episode. The title of the song: “My Song”.


It fixates everyone on the spot. Even Tenshi comes back into the gym to listen. The entire scene was pretty dramatic.

In a twist that I didn’t expect – she finishes her song, and collapses. As the camera goes to many others – Yui, Tenshi, Hisako and other GDM members – it’s revealed that Iwasawa simply disappeared.


In the closing moments of the episode, back in the SSS HQ, Takamatsu asks Yuri about Iwasawa’s disappearance, and hypothesizes that she was “eliminated” from this world by Tenshi.

Yuri brings the Iwasawa arc together by refuting Takamatsu’s claim, and instead states that Iwasawa had come to terms with her existence – and reasons for it – when she sang that ballad. That was what caused her to be eliminated from the world, where its only reason for existence is to rebel against the will of God. Simply put, once she accepted her role, she did not belong in the world of afterlife, and hence she disappeared.

If anyone remembers EP1, it was revealed that one way to be eliminated from this world is to accept Tenshi’s will, and by extension, submit to God, and live the life of a regular NPC. Iwasawa’s disappearance marks a yet another way to disappear from this world. I have a strong feeling that this is going to become important as we head towards the later episodes.

So what now?


– This was the first episode that gave me 鳥肌 (torihada/goosebumps). No clue why, but maybe because I’m pretty sensitive to these emotion-invoking stories?


– She got a lot of airtime which is awesome. Probably the best dressed character and the most likable in the whole series too.


– Her disappearance this quick was unexpected for me. But then again, I might be taking it too literally and she may come back in later episodes, especially considering that GDM is now without a leader. But then again, knowing Maeda’s writing style, it’s probably unlikely that he’ll bring back characters who disappear.

What’s next?

Episode 04 title: Day Game.

Theme: Baseball (Now this is really starting to look like Little Busters!)

Quote: ユイ、にゃん

↑ カワイイ!\( ̄▽ ̄)/

Edit: Fixed typos.


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