Angel Beats! OP/ED Theme Song Ordered!

Angel Beats!, Dengeki G's, Visual Novels

As the title says, I’ve put in an order for the Maxi CD of the Angel Beats! OP/ED Song, catalog number KSLA-0053 on I was kinda surprised when I found out they’re only charging me ~¥1300 which works out to be around $14CAD, a really good price for getting 2 songs, and an initial limited edition release DVD containing who-knows-what. There’s also KSLA-0054 which is exactly the same thing as what I ordered, just minus the DVD but then it’s the same price on, so I don’t know who would actually order the regular CD instead.

The amazon page is available here.

At the same time, two other Angel Beats! insert songs are also going on pre-order at amazon. Crow Song (the one sang by Iwasawa before her disappearance) and Thousand Enemies (not sure on this one) are both going for ¥1260 each, but since I like the OP/ED more I’m settling for just that now.

The release date for all four KSLA albums is set for May 26 which means I should get it by the first weekend of June.

In other news

As I read through the May 2010 issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine there was this little box in the bottom-right which caught my attention, and it said that “Rewrite title song is nearly complete”. Which means that at least the opening parts of Rewrite is almost production-ready. This goes in line with the news I reported a while back regarding Kud Wafter and a significant demo (read: Not Little Busters!-sized demo which lasted 10 min) that will be packaged with the initial release of Kud Wafter.

As always, whenever you can – support Key and other studios by buying their work!


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