How to Overload VisualArt’s Servers

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Today was supposed to mark the release of the much-anticipated "Kud Wafter PC" and "Living together with Kudo set" over at the VisualArt’s shops, known as the "Koubaibu" (購買部, store). When eager customers attempted to access the site, guess what happened?

VA servers actually got overloaded by the overwhelming requests from probably tens of thousands of eager fans that it was basically equal to a DDoS (Direct Denial of Service) attack in effect. Here’s an official Key statement released on their home page (translated by me)

"Although the pre-order of the two above items were scheduled to begin today, the pre-order site is inaccessible for us as well, therefore we cannot update the site in order to allow the pre-orders to commence.

Therefore, we must cancel the pre-orders for today. We are very sorry.

We hope you understand, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this turn of events.

We will be examining the plans for a new pre-order release on another date. We will notify you soon."

Original text available here.

So what is with these two items that caused the servers to go down?


It seems that pretty much every Key fans want one – hell, I want one if I had $700 to spend. It’s also not your typical netbook, with an Intel Atom N450 processor coupled with a 320GB(!) HDD, 2GB RAM(!), 10" LCD display and Wiindows 7 Home Premium. So feature wise, it’s definitely a step up from your ordinary netbook.

But what makes this so special? It’s the KudryavkaPC-exclusive wallpapers, system sounds and Windows Live! Messenger voice that makes this so unique. One of the wallpapers is actually the one-off illustration that was used for the dakimakura cover that came with Dengeki G’s Festival Deluxe! Vol. 5, which I happen to have.

As for the system voices – there are 7 different ones. There’s the normal Kudo, and there’s also a "LoveLove Kudo", and even one where she speaks entirely in Russian!

Special site is available here.


This one’s the "Living together with Kudo" set. As you can obviously tell – it includes a boatload of things. Paper bag, cutting board, toothbrush set, a poster of Kudo, plastic mug cup, school year calendar and a special CD. All for just ¥2000! Seriously, the value of goods you’ll get for your money at festivals and comic markets is just amazing. As a comparison, it was possible to pick up a Key Comiket 77 Package for just ¥5000, and it included not one, but two character song CD’s (Kanata, Sasami), sound recorder with Kudo’s voice pre-recorded, Rewrite 2010 calendar and Rewrite notepad.

Special site is here.

Anyhow, both items are on hold for at least a few days. But we found out today that VisualArt’s servers aren’t that durable under stress – and it doesn’t take much to take them down. Only if it was just as easy to take Scientology down, eh?


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