$25 Blunder


I received my June 2010 issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine today!

…or so I thought.

When I opened the package, I was confronted with this:

image Yeah, I ordered the wrong magazine by mistake. Instead of “Dengeki G’s Magazine June 2010 [Hobby Magazine]”, I ordered Dengeki Hobby Magazine June 2010.

So, my coverage of this month’s issue will be on hold for another 2 weeks as I scramble to order G’s Magazine from Hobby Search.

Though, not all’s a total loss, however. Even though it has a Gundam on the front, as it says “Hobby Magazine”, it covers a lot of things – PVC models, military models, Gundams and more. I have just flipped through it but so far, it seems to be a rather cool magazine. Especially the article that talks about Japan’s newest main battle tank, the TK-X, which is also currently the newest and the strongest battle tank in the world. All this with plenty of photos of the actual tank, and the 1/35 scale model of it.

It’s interesting to me anyhow, since I’ve always wanted modesl – perhaps a 1/350 scale model of an aircraft carrier or battleship Yamato.


3 thoughts on “$25 Blunder

    1. I like the magazine, but since I have no clue about Gundams I can’t really say much about it. Though honestly it isn’t bad to have something different sometimes 🙂

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