[Little Busters!] Kamikita Komari

Visual Novels

So about two days ago I finished up the Komari route in Little Busters! EX.

I wrote my thoughts last time about Saigusa Haruka in another post (entirely in Japanese). This time, I had to ponder for a few days on what to write – or even if I should write anything.

Komari route takes little over 3 hours to complete from beginning to end, though that depends on how fast you can read. Also, her route is dead simple. No confusing choices, and there are only 5-6 choices to begin with anyway.

One thing I noticed was that there wasn’t a H-scene in the “Good” end. After all, this is Little Busters! EX for a reason. I found out through the Perfect Visual Book that in fact, the HCGs are only revealed when I enter the “Bad” end, which I haven’t done yet. It’s a little different from Haruka’s route since the HCGs are a part of the Good end.

I won’t spoil everything about her story here, but it revolves around death. This CG that is in the OP movie still hurts everytime I see it.


In the staff interviews in the Perfect Visual Book, there was a section asking the major staff members (Orito, Maeda, Hinoue, Na-Ga, Tonokawa, etc.) what they thought of their work and what part they regret. Hinoue said at one part that it was regrettable that her characters didn’t seem as popular as the ones Na-Ga drew, and that in the initial days of Little Busters! release there were comments that Komari route was lacking in detail, too short and generally rated lower than other heroine’s routes.

Though I’m no visual novel critic (too little gameplay to be one haha) I did think Komari route was a bit shallow and indeed short. I think Kudo route took a little longer, and Haruka was by far the longest (or at least it felt very long). Haruka was also the most emotionally moving one for me so far. I mean yeah, it’s sad to see a happy-go-lucky Komari collapse on her knees like in that CG above, but it lacked a certain depth I found in Kudryavka/Haruka routes.

Anyhow, time for Yuiko next! Only Mio after that, and I’m set for the Refrain. I hear that almost everyone who plays the Refrain cried at some part, so I’m eager to see how that turns out.


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