Angel Beats! EP6

Angel Beats!


Remember how last week’s episode ended with the new student council president Naoi raiding the GirlDeMo concert? They were sent to a detention room soon after, and the episode opens showing their “release”.

Of course, since EP3 every episode has included some sort of Yui x Hinata squabbling and this is no exception.


Yui seemingly suggested that she can sleep with Naoi to screw him over but Hinata mocks Yui and her lack of sexiness. Notice how Matsushita starts blushing in the background.


Yes, it’s back to family again for this week.

Yuri suggests that in order to see how Naoi would react, all members should spend a day being “normal” students.

So much for being normal, Ooyama-kun. Eating chips in class..


But then again, playing mahjong in class is probably worse.


Or perhaps going to washroom every minute like Yui is doing.


…Or balancing three things on one hand, instead of just one.


Put on something will ya, Takamatsu?


….aaaand as usual, Noda is just off doing something on his own.


The little party gets dispersed when Naoi does show up to the classroom.

Otonashi walks into the classroom after drinking his KEY-brand coffee (again!) and finds Tenshi sitting there, book open and tapping her pen.


He starts talking about the mabo tofu that he had last episode, and Tenshi’s tapping stops (lol!) and she turns around slightly, all the while Otonashi suggests that they go to the cafeteria for some of that (awesome) tofu.



Of course, Naoi shows up. Apparently eating during free time (other than lunch time) is against school rules, and they get sent to the detention room together. Tenshi actually falls asleep.

Anyhow the episode really starts moving from this part on.

Otonashi wakes up to th earth shaking above, and it seems that there’s a fight going on. He quickly picks up the walkie-talkie that Yuri gave him earlier on, and hears a message.

Naoi is a human. A human with past memories and a soul, just like Otonashi. While acting as a model student, he treated students violently in the back. Now that Tenshi’s lost her status, nobody was in his way to dominate the school with his own ways. Even worse, Naoi knows that SSS members can’t attack the NPCs. Yuri wants Otonashi to bring Tenshi to the grounds to stop the fight.

Otonashi wakes Tenshi up in the hopes that she can get them out of this dungeon.


Hand Sonic is useless against that huge-ass metal door. And here we get another revelation (?)

Hand Sonic is not made for attack, it is merely for self-defence, and that time in EP1 where Tenshi stabbed Otonashi in the heart was because she was confused by whatever Otonashi was saying.

Otonashi apologizes for his part in fighting Tenshi. “Perhaps if I had my memory, I could be your ally.” But Tenshi reveals that those that were close to her all disappeared.

Her Hand Sonics start getting out of hand though. Version 1 is what we’ve all seen. Version 2 is like taking Ver. 1 and making it longer. Version 3 is a trident and Version 4 is a flower (!?!).



This flower eventually gets them out though.

They run out to the grounds to find this.


And here begins the Naoi arc.

Naoi slowly begins explaining his motives.

He calls himself a God. This world is a world where you choose your God. Even more importantly though, this world is where all people with a soul have the right to become a God, and that’s because everyone here with a soul led a harsh life.

Naoi declares that he will provide peace to others – meaning he will wipe them out of this world.

He goes over to Yuri. He mentions Iwasawa – her harsh life, abusive family and her death – and how she was able to make her wishes come true in this world. And that’s why she disappeared – she entered heaven. And now he will do the same to Yuri, with happy dreams.

Hypnosis. All his minions are controlled through hypnosis. He tells Yuri to close her eyes. “You’ll be able to see a happy dream, even in this world.” And she closes her eyes. And sees her three siblings that died.

Just before all seemed lost, Otonashi knocks Naoi away from Yuri.

Otonashi screams out at Naoi and his attempts to help others deny their life before death. Then the table is turned – at Naoi.

Naoi came from a family of famous potters. While his older brother was talented and touted as the heir to the next generation, Naoi was an introvert, playing games all the time, with no expectations from his parents or anybody – a meaningless life.

Naoi’s brother died when they fell off a tall tree. But instead, it was declared that Naoi was dead – and the real Naoi took on his brother’s alias. A meaningful life started.

Naoi worked hard, training to rise to his brother’s level. Working hard, he was able to enter the top 3, but it was nowhere near the level of his brother to turn his life to something meaningful.

Then his father fell ill. He will not recover. His life became meaningless again.

That day, when his brother died – he tells – it was him that really died.

His name is revealed in the end. 文人 – or Ayato.

All he wanted was recognition. In the end, he got what he wanted. From both Otonashi and his father from his memories.


What now?


– So she doesn’t have a malicious intent after all. Her Hand Sonic was made for self-defence, not for attack. Though it’s still curiously strange that those that are close to her disappear – we will have to wait for more episodes for that one.


– His story moves really fast, though that’s most likely because of the sheer amount of information packed into this episode (and that’s obvious from how long my post is as well). I do wonder, if the last teardrop signifies his acceptance, and whether he disappeared or not.

I was going to write more about him right now, but since my mind’s dead for some reason, I’ll add it as I remember them later on tonight.

My Thoughts

I really liked this episode for reasons I can’t express because there’s some douchebag blasting his “Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night” on his patio. I’m out on my sundeck writing this, and it’s irritating and annoying as hell since I don’t like Western pop music. Anyhow.

I wonder when Otonashi will start remembering his memory though. They said in the earlier episodes that their memory is the most important thing in this world. Otonashi’s been busy helping others remember theirs, when will his turn come, I wonder. But then, it might be important that all other arcs be established first. We’ll see.

Preview for EP7



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