Angel Beats! EP7

Angel Beats!



“Everyday filled with small happiness. Those times have passed. Now, nothing’s left for me.”

7th episode deals with what I asked for at the end of last episode – Otonashi’s memory.

Things are shuffled around a bit in this episode. Instead of backstory first, then focusing on a theme in the second half, it’s done the other way around this time.

Naoi Ayato seems to have joined the fellows at SSS. Quick change of heart, but then again, this is an anime, not a visual novel.

Naoi’s hypnosis is really something. Just look at Hinata, after being compared to (of all things) a laundry clip, then despairs at how useless he is compared to it.


Episode 7: Alive


While not an operation, Yuri has some plans of using Naoi’s (exceptional) hypnosis skill to get back something we’ve all (probably) been wondering all along: Otonashi’s memory.

The episode then pretty much dives straight into Otonashi’s memories.

Otonashi’s Memory

The first scene reminded me of AIR.


We’re in the hospital though. Yes, that dreaded place where almost every member of this undead world’s been to.

Otonashi’s sick sister is cute. (Yandere? I’m probably using the wrong word…)


It seems like Otonashi has no real family aside from his sister. He also has no will to be alive, except for giving a bit of happiness to his sister. That’s how he’s lived for the last two years that his sister has been in hospital for.

He works at a construction job, making just barely enough to make a living.


It’s a tough job in the hot summers of Japan. In winter, it’s just as cold.

Christmas season arrives. Otonashi wants to take his sister for a walk outside and visit somewhere special. His sister, obviously becoming more frail lately, wants to visit the main street, because all the trees are lit up for Christmas. He begins working more jobs to save enough money.

Since the hospital refused him permission to take his sister outside, he snuck in and took her out at night. Carrying her, he visits the main street.


His sister thanks him, and then goes silent.

It must’ve been devastating, since he’s now lost the reason that’s given him the will to live.

Once scene however proves to be a pivotal moment in his life.


He vows to find another reason to live on.


The book reads: Collection of major events in medical history. He begins studying medicine, perhaps motivated to save others like his sister. Studying while working at the same time, he even passes entrance examinations to a medial university.

Then tragedy hits.

His commuter train derails on a snowy day. The lights go out. Otonashi’s time in the living world was over.

Continuing the Battle

Back in the world of undead. Otonashi regrets not accomplishing anything before he died. At the same time, he renews his commitment to stay with Yuri.

Operation: Monster Stream

Another one of Yuri’s crazy names for an operation. In reality, it’s just fishing for some food at the local river.

Though the crazy name does hold some water, though. There’s said to be a kawa no nushi (川の主, Guardian Spirit of the River) which is a hugely huge fish.

En route to the river, Otonashi spots Tachibana tending the garden.


I just love that scene.

Otonashi invites Tachibana to come along for the operation. Tachibana, being the quiet, reserved character, obliges.

The rest reacts this way:


Saito, one of the Guild members that fish a lot, asks Tachibana to fish the nushi after seeing just how insanely powerful Tachibana is.

…and the said nushi? It looks like this:


How the hell can something so big live in a stream, I don’t know, but that’s just ridiculously big!

Anyhow, Tachibana even cuts it into salmon steak portions for everyone. Except…


Each piece can probably feed the entire SSS a few times over.

So they decide to share it all with the NPCs.


Yuri doesn’t seem so keep on the whole idea of letting Tachibana into the circle, though. And that concern appears after the ending credits – Yuri staggers back, cut and bruised.

And Shana appears!



What Now?


– I suppose his life was indeed quite miserable, though I expected a lot more impact. But I suppose the story sinks in with time instead of making a huge impact right off the bat.

We aren’t explicitly told that Otonashi’s sister died, but it’s pretty obvious and implied everywhere that she did in fact die. To add to that, we aren’t explicitly told that Otonashi died either – it just blacks out. For all we know (and those that like to think Angel Beats! is a giant MMORPG) Otonashi may still be lying in hospital bed, unconscious. I’m leaning towards thinking that he did die completely in the living world, though.


– I’m just really happy she’s appearing more now. The front box of Dengeki G’s Deluxe! Vol. 6 (that I covered a while back) is right there whenever I look up from the screen, so it reminds me every time how moe Tachibana is. Pure loli. LOLI FOR THE WIN!

Also it’s obvious that Otonashi has something going for her. He likes having her around. He likes her name. He wants to be a friend/ally of her. Whoever that drew this picture must have a crystal ball or something:

moe%20132905%20467%20angel_beats!%20otonashi%20seifuku%20tenshiYeah, I can see that happening.

My Thoughts

I do not think that everything about Otonashi’s memory is revealed just yet. His life is quite a story, but there’s just this something that I feel is missing in the whole picture. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another episode – or half an episode – that deals with the loose ends of Otonashi’s life.

Tachibana seems to have become a semi-member of the SSS in the later portions of this episode. Now that they’ve converted Naoi into their ally, and Tachibana becoming just an ordinary student, who are they left to fight? That question gets raised during the ending credits as well.

I’m really not sure of the identity of the Shana-like Tenshi we see in the very end though. I’m inclined to think that it’s simply a clone/imitator of Tachibana, but we aren’t shown enough, so we’ll have to do with guesswork until next week.

Preview for EP8



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