Angel Beats! Vocal Album 「Keep the Beats!」

Angel Beats!, Purchases

A few new Angel Beats! items have gone on sale over at Amazon Japan lately. Blu-ray/DVD boxes of the EP1-4 retail for ~¥5300 (~$60CAD). There are new Bushiroad card sleeves featuring Tenshi and Yuri as well.

The biggest news for me though, is the release of new soundtracks.

Exactly a month ago, I pre-ordered a limited production version of My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song (KSLA-0053) on Amazon Japan. Now, a month later, a new title is out for sale.

「Keep the Beats!」 (KSLA-0058) just went on pre-order perhaps a few days ago. There isn’t even an album art yet. It will set you back ¥3150 ($35CAD) plus international shipping.

So what’s new in Keep the Beats! exactly?

It’s going to be a vocal album by GirlDeMo and includes with it an almost complete collection of GirlDeMo soundtrack.

1.Crow Song (Yui ver.) /  2.Thousand Enemies /  3.Shine Days /  4.23:50 /  5.Run With Wolves /  6.Morning Dreamer /  7.Rain Song /  8.Alchemy (Yui ver.) /  9.一番の宝物 (Yui ver.) /  10.Little Braver (Album ver.) /  11.My Song (Yui ver.) /
Bonus Track
12.My Soul, Your Beats! (Gldemo ver.) /  13.Brave Song (Gldemo ver.)

The last two are what I’m really in for though. My Soul, Your Beats! keeps looping in my mind. I just love that song. Interesting to see how the GirlDeMo version of My Soul, Your Beats! and Brave Song would be like.

「Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack (placeholder name)」 is also now on pre-order as well. This one is so preliminary that it doesn’t even have a name.

I might end up ordering Keep the Beats! later on (depending on how much I get into GirlDeMo songs) and I have until 6/30 to make my mind up.

For those that are curious, Amazon Japan recently started shipping books, DVD/VHS and CDs internationally. For Keep the Beats!, total cost would be ¥5000 with international express shipping to North America. Not bad, and it certainly makes buying things somewhat more accessible.

I just can’t wait for 5/26. My Soul, Your Beats/Brave Song for the epic win!

UPDATE: My order for Keep the Beats! has been accepted!


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