NTT docomo 2010 Summer Keitai Collection


すみません。全部英語です (´Д`)ゴメンネ。

でも、やっぱりこの発表には何か「足りないもの」がありますね。僕が海外で便利に使用できるのはドコモぐらいなので(ソフトバンクにはロックが有り)思い切って機種変更しようかな と考えてるところです。


So, soon after I wrote the last entry (Softbank 2010 Summer Collection) I found out that NTT docomo’s announced their model lineup for Summer 2010 as well.

So here’s some of the more interesting models!


1seg TV, WORLD WING, waterproofing.

3.2" AQUOS LCD (854X480), 1.4" OLED sub-display, 8.0MP CCD sensor, 116g.



This belongs to the STYLE SERIES which has lower specs but emphasizes design over spec. To me, it looks like a remodeled SH-02B from last generation, with more pronounced edges (as opposed to rounded form).

The "Moonlight Silver" model is a collaboration model with EMILIO PUCCI (I have no clue who that is, but I’m sure others do) and so it gets a special design, special box and limited edition accessories. Only 30,000 of them will be made.

Spec wise, it’s where keitais were about a year and half ago with 8.0MP CCD AQUOS SHOT sensor, 3.2" AQUOS LCD and a OLED subdisplay.

F-06B (Fujitsu)

Waterproofing, yoko-motion, WORLD WING, 1seg TV, 1080p HD recording.

3.5" (960X480) TFT LCD, 13.2MP CMOS sensor, 0.32MP sub-camera, 139g.



This one’s the first-ever waterproof phone incorporating Fujitsu’s signature "yoko-motion" hinge. As you can see, what it does is push the screen horizontally.

Prior to this, Fujitsu abandoned yoko-motion because it wasn’t possible to incorporate it AND make it waterproof. It seems like engineers were able to overcome that limitation – a further proof of the continued evolution taking place in the keitai market.

I’m not a fan of the curved trim design. At a glance, it reminds me of a hybrid of F-08A and F-04B. Too bad this keyboard doesn’t detach.


1seg TV, waterproofing, WORLD WING, AQUOS SHOT, HDMI-out, 1080p recording.

3.4" AQUOS LCD (854X480), 1.4" OLED sub-display, 12.1MP CCD AQUOS SHOT, 149g.



Yes, another SHARP handset. But this one’s a successor to the SH-01B, one of the most beautiful handset ever. It had large shoes to fill – and I’m mixed on this one.

The LCD has stayed the same. Sub-display has been relocated, but the biggest change is the lack of illumination. The SH-01B’s entire perimeter around the lid was illuminated, beautifully, a first of its kind for any phone. This one on the other hand, seems a lot more spartan. I’m also still mixed on the sub-display as well, and how it just stands out. This seems to be common across all colors, so it’s not like I can get away from this trouble by choosing white.

Actually, scratch that. I think the biggest change is the camera. Resolution wise, it’s the same, but now the camera can record HD movie. I’m not still sure if it’s 720p or 1080p The camera can capture in 1080p! Let’s see any Western phone beat that! It should make a great YouTube/Nicovideo capture, especially with the superior CCD technology.


So all in all, I’ve shown you 3 models out of 17 that NTT docomo released today. Some of them overlap with the SoftBank Summer 2010 Collection, like the P-06B/942P. For the most part though, I’m somewhat disappointed by the announcement – I was expecting more in terms of design. For once, I like the SoftBank lineup better than NTT docomo – this has never happened before. Although it’s unlikely that I’ll end up with a SoftBank handset (due to the sheer amount of annoyance they put in) I might end up purchasing a handset from the previous generation (F-01B, anyone?) or just skip it altogether and wait for the "C" models in the winter.


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