SoftBank 2010 Summer Keitai Collection





Just a few hours ago in Japan (9:30am JST) SoftBank Mobile announced their Summer 2010 keitai lineup. I won’t cover all 20 models (that would take too long) but I’ll introduce some of the more interesting models here!

For the official site, click here.

This time around, SoftBank really focused on something I just signed up a few days ago – Twitter. It seems like it’s also catching on in Japan as well.

945SH / 945SH G Ver.GP30th (SHARP)

Waterproofing, 1seg TV, WiFi-enabled, 3G/GSM and Twitter-optimized.

3.4″ AQUOS LCD (854X480), 12.1MP CCD sensor, 1.4″ OLED sub-display, 140g.



This one will probably end up being limited edition like the SH-06A NERV from docomo two series back. Either way, it looks cool. It will also come with a 1/100 scale model of an RX-7 Gundam.

Update: The 945SH G Ver.GP30th did end up being a limited production model. Only 30,000 will be made in total.

The normal version of 945SH will be available in the usual colors.

945SH color

12.1MP CCD, the trademark of SHARP’s AQUOS SHOT technology. Although the resolution didn’t go up this time around, it’s still amazing and awe-inducing, considering that iPhone’s still chugging along with a 3.2MP CMOS that offers inferior quality all around. The 3.4″ main display’s been with us for a while, but to think that they fit a display almost the size of iPhone in a flip phone just amazes me.

942P (Panasonic)

Waterproofing, WiFi-enabled, Twitter optimized, 1seg TV, 3G.

3.1″ VIERA LCD 854X480), 13.2MP CMOS sensor, 150g.



This one looks really nice too, and a break with Panasonic’s tradition of side-opening hinge style. By that, I mean this:


Considering that my current keitai (SH906i) has a reverse hinge (imagine the hinge on a MacBook) I can get used to this fast. Besides, I like reverse hinges more than the traditional hinge on cellphones.

The camera resolution is just amazing though. I believe it’s the first 13MP camera module on a mobile phone in the world My bad, the Casio CA005 from au by KDDI is the first cellphone with a 13MP sensor. Though the sensor’s a CMOS (not as good as CCD in dark areas) it should still take amazing photos. The simple exterior is also a plus for me.

Mirumo 944SH (SHARP)

Waterproofing, WiFi-enabled, Twitter-optimized, 3G/GSM, 1seg TV.

3.2″ AQUOS LCD (854X480), 3.0″ Touchscreen sub-display (456X240), 8.0MP CCD sensor, 139g.


It’s the successor to the 934SH, the original Mirumo. The internal LCD gets an upgrade to 3.2″ from 3.0″, and while the external display size remains the same, it is now touchscreen-enabled.

So what’s the use of a gigantic monochrome display? Well, if you were to use this with SoftBank in Japan – you’d have apps display relevant information so you don’t have to constantly open and close the phone to check minor details.

For example, you can check SMS/mail from the external display, and when you flip it open, it will automatically compose a reply. Or have weather and news feeds connected to the external display. It even allows you to use Flash as wallpaper.

So those three are the most interesting announcements from SoftBank in my opinion. Curiously, NEC is missing from the high-end bunch, as well as Toshiba, which recently made a comeback to keitai manufacturing.

Though SoftBank keitais are annoying to use outside Japan (multimedia lock on them) I focus on this because the NTT docomo announcements are coming later tonight, or afternoon in Japan. This gives us an idea of what to expect for NTT docomo as well. If it’s compelling enough, I might upgrade my phone too! Seems like it’s been announced already. Gotta check up on that, be right back 🙂


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