Angel Beats! EP8

Angel Beats!



Last week, we ended in a cliffhanger where a red-eyed Kanade appeared on the rooftop. Anyone remember that? Yeah, we’re in for round two.

There’s a battle scene right off the bat. Pretty intense, and it sets the tone for rest of the episode.

Since no one is strong enough to resist the Kanade clone, Kanade herself steps in and fights the clone. This scene is pretty much straight out of EP1:


EP8: Dancer in the Dark


Obviously, being stabbed through the heart is tough for anybody, even Kanade. Well, now that we know she (probably) isn’t some special God-send creature to exterminate all, we can say that Kanade is just like the rest of them. So anyway, it hurts.


The SSS crew debate around the bedside for a while about just what exactly that red-eyed Kanade clone was.

Naoi, being the ever-so-brilliant guy , mentions the fishing trip in EP7 where Kanade created a clone of herself, and chopped that huge fish into pieces. That skill, is called harmonics.


If one watches closely in EP7, the clone indeed has red eyes. But after the chopping sequence is over, we aren’t shown the clone any longer. So basically, it strayed off somewhere else by itself.

The team formulates a plan to give Yuri some time to find out exactly how to wipe out the clone. All members except Yuri then spends the next day actually in the classroom to not draw attention from the clone to themselves.

Meanwhile, Yuri is busy screwing around with the program they stole back in EP3 in the infiltration operation, called ANGEL PLAYER.


One thing I didn’t know about Yuri was that she’s also a programmer. A decent one at that, too, since she modifies Kanade’s program by herself, adding a new function called timewait which expires the cloned copies in 10 seconds.


Turning Point

Yuri’s modification was a success as she tested it in an emulator and it worked.

Meanwhile, those clones aren’t just going to be sitting around, right?


Abduction at its finest.

The SSS must now carry out a rescue operation for Kanade.

No episode is complete without some friendly jabbing amongst these two.

yui x hinata

The Operation

After some intense information-seeking they find out that Kanade is located in the bombed-out shell of the Guild (back in EP2). So, another operation starts.

Now, apparently these Kanade clones have a mind of their own, and have replicated over and over. What’s worse, the clones are now patrolling the entire complex.

The first one appears soon after they enter the main shaft from the gymnasium. First thing it does: cuts all the weapons, rendering them useless.


Dude, that's some scary shit.

The first victim of this operation is, exactly like last time, Noda. Except that this time around, these clones will stab you through the chest.


This Tenshi is….freaky.

So, like in EP2, various members sacrifice themselves to restrain the clones guarding key locations. In Yuri’s logic, since Kanade is small in size, a judo pin move would work well.

Also, first time Yui reacts differently to Hinata.


I like Yuri’s expression in the third picture. But hey, maybe someone can vector the first two into a wallpaper perhaps? That would be nice.

The Guild

Only survivors were Yui, Yuri and Otonashi at this point.

But Yui soon gets wiped out by a stray metal bar poking out of the hillside. So now it’s down to Yuri and Otonashi, as expected.

Otonashi runs off to find Kanade while Yuri keeps the last clone Kanade busy in a fight. This time around, Yuri fares much better, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the clone.

But the clone isn’t done yet. It unleashes the Guard Skill: Howling. Yuri only noticed it briefly before she shut down the ANGEL PLAYER software earlier in the episode.


Result: A Halo-like scene.



Otonashi manages to find Kanade, nestled up in a shallow crater. Somehow still unconscious, but otherwise unharmed.

Incoming attack of Noumi Kudryavka!




Play Little Busters! EX, buy half a shelf full of Kudo goods and read several issues of G’s Magazine about Kudo Wafter, and decide if the above remind you of Kudo in certain scenes. Because it does. And it should, since its Na-Ga providing the original art.

But since I’m a Kudo freak, and Tenshi/Kanade freak, the combination of two is probably the most potent loli attack force in the whole fucking world.

So TL;DR: I fucking love this scene. If someone vectors it I’ll send you a G’s Magazine! /jokes.


Otonashi manages to wake Kanade up. He then asks for her to activate harmonics once again. Already pretty weak, she says one activation is probably the most she will be able to manage.


Guard Skill: harmonics.

And then yet another clone appears.


However, this one doesn’t have malicious intent, it seems. It also recognizes that a new “function” was added to the program, which was what Yuri programmed earlier. Yuri’s plan was to have all the clones be absorbed back into Kanade after 10 seconds. But then, the (good) clone drops a bombshell.

All clones do possess a conscience. Even when the clones were to be absorbed back into Kanade, those consciences don’t just disappear outright – they simply fuse into one.

The clones that attacked the SSS all had a twisted, evil conscience. The clone warns Otonashi about absorbing all those evil consciences into Kanade all at once, which is what the modified program is set to do. Kanade might not make it if it were the case.

Time’s up.

The clones all disappear one by one.

They all head for Kanade.


Will she survive?

What now?

Kanade / Kanade’s Clones

– One of the SSS members did raise the possibility of Kanade controlling the evil clones of hers behind the SSS’s backs during the party/festival, but Otonashi quickly shoots that possibility down, just out of his own firm belief that Kanade is innocent.

It might be that the clones retained that temporary aggressiveness Kanade experienced against the fish, and just started running off on its own. But then in that case, why didn’t she recall her clone using absorb? Why did she let it run wildly? And since the clones seem to have access to all abilities that Kanade has, the clones just started multiplying from there.

So, root cause is, Kanade failed to, or weren’t able to recall the clones. As much as she is probably innocent, I can’t overlook that part.

For now, the most curious part is what will happen to her in EP9. Remember how the very last clone warned Otonashi about absorbing all of the clones at once? How it might break Kanade, since all those evil consciences are merging back all at once? What if those consciences merging all at once also colors Kanade’s conscience as well? That’s why I think there may be a significant plot twist from this point and Kanade may indeed become the enemy of SSS as she was portrayed earlier on in the series.

Noumi Kudryavka


Preview for EP9



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