Angel Beats! OP/ED is now shipping!


I got this earlier tonight:からのお知らせ
お客様からご注文いただいた 商品 を本日発送させていただきました。
数量      商品                           価格  発送済み          小計
1     My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave So  ¥1,263      1  ¥1,263
小計:  ¥1,263
配送料:  ¥2,000
合計:  ¥3,263: Visa

Yes, My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song is now shipping! Yay!!

I’ll get the CDs on the 27th at earliest and at latest, the 1st of June. Now, the hardest part – waiting.


The KSLA-0053 (initial limited production) variant will feature a bonus DVD featuring the OP/ED theme movies without credits!


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