My Soul, Your Beats/Brave Song is here!

Angel Beats!, Purchases

My Soul, Your Beats/Brave Song that I pre-ordered on Amazon just got to my house this afternoon @12:30pm. Fedex International Priority shipping is just scary-fast. This CD was still in Japan little over 24 hours ago. From Tokyo to Memphis, then from Memphis to Vancouver. It’s travelled a lot more than many other people.

It came in a simple cardboard packaging.



It's a crime to unwrap this.

Tada! This is the very first CD I’ve ever bought! Total came to $35 but it was money well spent to support a non-greedy company Key.

No, I am not in fact insane. I think it’s good to support good companies like Key. I have moral issues in supporting RIAA-affiliated artists in North America, not to mention I absolutely hate recent Western music (just rehashes of old crap, poorly done).



Paper found at the spine.


Front cover + My Soul, Your Beats! CD

Back cover + Bonus DVD

DVD in my drive.

The no-credit version of the OP/ED included in the DVD is from EP2. The OP movie shows them going through the traps on the way to the Guild, and the ED still features Iwasawa and lacks Yui.

My only gripe is that Fedex left the cardboard envelope (?) out on the doorstep of my house. Not even attempting to insert it into the mailbox. Since I live on a fairly busy street, people are always walking by – which means anyone could’ve seen the envelope and took it home in the 3-hour span between delivery and my brother coming home.


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