Angel Beats! EP10

Angel Beats!


EP10 brings Yui’s arc to a close. We are told her life before death, her struggles and her regrets.

First half of the episode mainly deals with Otonashi’s commitment from EP9 – to eventually send all members of SSS to heaven.

The second half is where the episode starts moving towards Otonashi’s eventual goal.

TL;DR⇒Go to the bottom and read “My Take”.


In keeping his commitment to help everyone in the SSS enter “Nirvana”, Otonashi chooses to go after Yui first. He thinks that since she’s done everything she wanted to do – be a vocal/lead guitarist of a band – she is perhaps the easiest to “graduate” out of all. Kanade and Otonashi work together to bring about Yui’s graduation.


Yui’s Life

After a bit of a snag in the plan, Otonashi manages to get Yui to talk about her life.

She was struck by a car from behind when she was young, which left her with permanent paralysis from the neck down – quadriplegia – relying on her mother for her care.

Her lifelong dream was to do activities that involved moving the body.


The Plan

Otonashi plans to grant all of Yui’s wishes, except that she has lists and lists of what she wants to do. Pulling a “German Suplex”, scoring in soccer against 5 male players, and hitting a home run – all these are just some of the activities Yui dreams about.


German Suplex

That face is really cute! Her stomach adds to the her moe appeal too~



Yui in gym strip! Gym strips are awesome, aren’t they!



Three days of batting practice, but Yui couldn’t hit a home run.


Yui’s Disappearance

After the batting practice on the third day, things really start moving.

Even though she wasn’t able to hit a home run, Yui seems satisfied with her experience. She was able to move her body like never before. However, Yui had one more wish.


Marriage – the ultimate happiness for a woman. That was her last wish.

Otonashi stumbles at the sudden proposition.


Hinata appears. He wants to marry Yui.

Even though Yui can’t walk, can’t move her body and can’t cook, Hinata doesn’t mind. He promises to be on Yui’s side at all times.

Hinata mentions that if they meet again – against 6 billion odds – he will still marry Yui, even if she is still a quadriplegic.

After hearing this – Yui disappears.

My Take

This is the first of many disappearance that will happen in the 3 remaining episodes.

Yui’s dreams and wishes are natural. She wasn’t able to move her body, and when she died – which isn’t explained clearly why or how she died – she came to this world to live out her dreams. She had most activity-related dreams granted by Otonashi. In the end, she made it clear that her last wish was to marry.

A touching moment that sent many crying:

Yui: 「ねえ、そん時はさ、あたしをいつまでも一人でさ、頑張って介護してくれた私のお母さん、楽にしてあげてね。」

Hinata: 「まかせろ。」

Yui: 「よかった・・・。」

Which roughly translates to:

Yui: “When that time comes, can you relieve my mom, who looked after me, alone?”

Hinata: “Leave it to me.”

Yui: “I’m glad…”

So, after many episodes of Hinata x Yui, it’s over. They probably did have feelings for each other all along.

On a slightly different topic, the fact that Hinata joins Otonashi in his goal to “graduate” the SSS out of this world seemed a bit odd to me at first. But thinking about it, Hinata probably would have wanted this for Yui as well. Disappearing in this world is not something that’s sad – rather, it’s a happy thing. It means that the person has lived out their ideal, dream life. It means that they fulfilled their lifelong wish.

Many Japanese tweets are praising Hinata for his manliness in handling Yui. Some others are bashing Otonashi for being an overcaring person that sticks his neck into places where he shouldn’t. While I agree with Hinata’s evaluation, I disagree with the bashing of Otonashi. Yui probably never would have been able to complete her desires without direct help from someone. My opinion is that she wouldn’t have been able to enter nirvana if it were up to her alone.

I have a feeling that Hinata will join Kanade and Otonashi’s team in doing the work of “Angels” in the last few episodes. He is clearly on Otonashi’s side. It will be interesting to see what happens in EP11, but I am predicting a massive change, suggested by the title for EP11. What this change will be, is unknown, but I fear that a mass disappearance is coming soon.

One thing is sure though; this moment will probably define Angel Beats! for years to come. This was the moment that, for many, Angel Beats! really became a Key production – and something worthwhile, even for the harshest critics. I certainly felt that way. This is where Maeda Jun really starts showing people what he is capable of.

Preview for EP11



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