Angel Beats! EP11

Angel Beats!


In Episode 10, we saw the appearance of a shadow that attacked Ooyama-Kun. He survived the attack, but as we see in Episode 11 – not everyone came out alive.

Episode 11 is like a crossroad – some choose a path, others choose another path and follow its leader. Perhaps the two sides will meet again, perhaps they won’t. It depends on how Episode 12 plays out.



In the opening moments of episode 11, we find that Naoi has caught wind of Otonashi and Hinata’s plans. Naoi wants to help them with their plans.

At the same time, Naoi’s shadow seemingly starts smouldering.


But shadows don’t just start smouldering out of nowhere. In reality, this was another one of those shadow monsters coming to life.


Naoi is nearly overcome by the shadow, but a few magazines of Beretta did the task.

When it was being shot at, the shadow spewed out binary numbers, much like when Kanade was being shot at in Episode 1. Which means that this shadow is a product of someone’s programming.

The trio ends up going to the room where Kanade was called to by Yuri. Of course, Yuri suspected Kanade’s programming at first, but as Takeyama found out, it was no bug in programming on Kanade’s part.

What’s cool is that Kanade was programming herself Angel wings!

All this comes to a halt as they hear gunfire from the grounds. TK, Shiina and Noda were being surrounded by a lot of the same shadow monsters.

And so, we see the most awesome Kanade ever.


Doesn’t matter if it wasn’t made for flying, it still looks badass!



So they join the fight.

TK just gets more awesome episode by episode. He was already awesome to begin with though.


During the fight, Yuri sees something that will help explain where these shadows are coming from. One of the baseball team member watching the fight suddenly transforms into a shadow!

They manage to defeat all shadow monsters, but Yuri is quick. She already knows why the shadows are there to begin with.

It’s like in video games – an invincible monster that appears to prevent the player from staying at one point forever. For example. in Call of Duty 4 Singleplayer, if you stay too long loitering at one place without moving on, grenades start spawning on the ground beside you, urging you to move towards the objective. According to Yuri, these shadows are like that, except that the players are the SSS members.

Fujimaki then appears – and brings some bad news.


Ooyama-kun saw the shadow consume Takamatsu and be swallowed into the ground.

The next day, they find Takamatsu in the classroom – but he’s become a different man. No glasses and wearing the school uniform. He woke up in the dorm and came to school to receive classes.

He’s been turned into a NPC.

He will never be able to disappear, trapped in the eternal cycle of this world.

Yuri calls a meeting in the gym later that night.


Yuri explains what these shadows are to the gathered members. But the surprise comes.

Yuri knew about Otonashi’s plan all along.

It is up to every individual to choose their own path – to disappear, or to fight.

Later, by the waste incinerator – the four plus Kanade have a talk.

Kanade will be a protector for other SSS members.

It’s also funny to see that Otonashi kept thinking that Kanade is Tenshi. Of course, she isn’t, but that somehow hit him like a rock.

Kanade has her own reasons to be here and she has her own regrets, much like Iwasawa and Yui did.



Yuri’s Commitment

Yuri wants to verify something. Which means she’ll be going off somewhere on her own, possibly fighting the shadows.

Otonashi and Hinata both try to stop her, but Yuri wouldn’t listen.

“We’ll meet again when we can”.

And she left.


The ending sequence rolls on, showing each members of the SSS in their own activities.

After the ending credits roll, Part C of the episode continues. Yuri is planning an investigation to find the culprit, and she knows exactly where to look. She heads towards the #1 PC lab in the library, where she finds a middle-aged man. Turns out he’s simply setting up new computers because “they constantly get stolen”.

Yuri suspects that this thief is now the one playing out the role of God in this world.

After finding a loose floor tile and shooting it up, she discovers a trapdoor. Which leads to the Guild.

My Thoughts

This episode was straight-forward. Shadows are evil, they’re programmed bits of code, and it appears because the SSS members overstayed in this world. But who exactly is the one conspiring to suck the soul out of SSS members?

At first I thought it was Takeyama, since he’s a programming wiz. But seeing his entry on his blog in the ending sequence, it seems that he has chosen to follow Otonashi’s leadership. So if he was to wish for disappearance, he wouldn’t be the one converting NPCs into shadows.

I don’t think anyone else that’s known to us so far has any capability to pull something like this. Which might mean that there’ll be a “last boss” character that will be introduced in the next episode. There’s a line in the preview that pulls my attention:

よく辿り着けましたね – I see you have managed to reach me/this place.

That’s a classical line of the evil villain. I can’t make out the owner of the voice for some reason, though it sounds somewhat familiar to Naoi’s – but I know it can’t be Naoi, since he pledged allegiance to Otonashi.

A strange thing about this episode – Matsushita was not seen anywhere. I’m pretty sure he’s still alive, but makes me wonder where he is. Also interesting is how in the ending credits, Naoi was not featured mulling over his future – nor was Matsushita shown.

Originally, I was going to mention how this episode seemed like a crossroads for the SSS. Two leaders, two different ideals, and the SSS members would have to choose between who to follow. It doesn’t look that way now though, after seeing the preview for Episode 12 which shows members working together to infiltrate the Guild.

Preview for EP12



2 thoughts on “Angel Beats! EP11

  1. just watched EP11
    the voice in the preview よく辿り着けましたね .. sounds like Shiina

    1. Some guys on Twitter were saying how they recognized the voice to be from a certain voice actor…but I lost her name. A new character in the next episode, most likely though.

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