Kud Wafter Limited Edition Bonus Goods Revealed!

Kud Wafter, Visual Novels

The official Kud Wafter blog was updated just an hour ago to officially celebrate the last 7 days before the launch!

The most important announcement is the details for the bonus goods that come with the initial limited production version. Get ready!

Bonus 1: Kud Wafter official guidebook

  • Full color character introductions, one-off sketches, event CG collection, music scores and full of spoilers of the game!

Bonus 2: Rewrite demo version

  • A demo of Key’s next full title “Rewrite”. It won’t be a 10-minute demo like with Little Busters; according to Key, it contains too much to be called a “demo”.

Bonus 3: Kud Wafter Original Soundtrack

  • 24 songs and soundtrack, produced by Key’s new music director Shimizu Jun’ichi. Yeah, it’s like how  Tomoyo After came with the soundtrack.

Bonus 4: Weiβ Schwarz Limited Production Trading Card

  • Weiβ Schwarz is a pretty popular trading card game in Japan featuring anime/visual novel characters, and Kud Wafter will come with a limited production card!

Bonus 5: Kudryavka cosplay set for ai sp@ce

  • ai sp@ce is a net game (MMORPG) popular in Japan featuring anime/visual novel characters as your “wife” or “lover”. Kud Wafter Limited Edition will come with an item ticket which will be redeemable for a cosplay set in-game.

The bonuses are looking really good. In addition to these some game shops provide their own bonuses for those who order it from their store, like a bedsheet featuring Shiina, Kudryavka and Yuuki nearly naked. Actually I think my friend Kevin ordered Kud Wafter from SOFMAP which comes with that bedsheet I described…in addition to a Kud Wafter keyboard cover and a few more things.

Original text can be seen here.


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