Can’t Wait…

Angel Beats!, Kud Wafter, Visual Novels

I just can’t wait to get three things at once.

Kud Wafter, Dengeki HIME July 2010 and Keep the Beats! are all waiting for an owner! I just have to wait until 6/30/2010 when Keep the Beats! is released…then I can get all three shipped over.

Meanwhile, the hashtags #kudwaf and #rewrite keep spoiling the storyline for me! aarrrgh (・へ・)

Update regarding the Rewrite demo version

Since moving onto a new scripting engine for Rewrite, featuring richer animations, more options and native widescreen support, Key has decided to include a “benchmark” to test your system for performance. From what I hear it’s similar to one found in The Last Remnant and ranks your PC on scale from S to D but it probably goes lower than D.

An Core 2 Duo E6600 coupled with Radeon HD4670 gets a B rating, so I’m hoping for at least a A, possibly S given that I have a 3.32GHz E7200 and 790MHz GTS250 – both of them which are overclocked.


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