Kud Wafter Limited Edition, Rewrite

Kud Wafter, Purchases, Visual Novels

Here’s the unpacking of Kud Wafter Limited Edition!

All photos taken with NTTdocomo SH-06A.






Also check out my friend Kaionlriu’s post, where he details the Sofmap Limited Edition extras!

Really impressed with Rewrite Trial, even though I haven’t even played it yet. The new engine is really capable of adapting to different resolutions as necessary. In contrast, the old REALLIVE engine wasn’t able to scale up the screen very well, so for Kud Wafter, Little Busters and CLANNAD the pictures were slightly fuzzy when played fullscreen.

All in all, really liking my purchase even though it’s only the “normal” limited edition (as opposed to Sofmap/GAMERS limited edition which packs unique goods). Definitely worth the $60 – and supporting an excellent visual novel studio.

Also check out the unwrapping of Keep the Beats!


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