[R18+] Gothic Delusion

R18+/NSFW, Visual Novels

I cam across an interesting AVG while flipping through the pages of Dengeki HIME July 2010. I introduced it briefly at the bottom of that post but I’ll cover it more in detail here.

I’m not responsible if you get busted if you click past the break!

Gothic Delusion

  • Genre: Mystery
  • Artist: cura
  • Studio: Lose
  • Resolution: 1024X576
  • Format: DVD-ROM
  • On Sale: July 23, 2010

What’s Unique?

Gothic Delusion takes resolution up a notch from other visual novels – and makes things widescreen, running at 1024X576. It’s no Rewrite, but the art should be sharp and crisp.

The other unique thing about this AVG is that there’s no “normal CG” of characters, i.e. this:

Which means that all art in-game is done through “event CG”s. While most games have event CGs in the range of 80-100, Gothic Delusion has 300 of them.


Takamichi Fukazaki, a new teacher, was deep in thought as he aimlessly wandered towards home.

Then, he is targeted in a strange prank.

The prankster, Lo, is a young girl – but insists that she is not a human and says that she is on a journey to find “herself”.

She’s also being hunted.

Though it hardly looks like she’s lying, the story was simply too strange for Takamichi.

Regardless, it would be unwise to leave a girl alone in the dark, so he decided to take her to the police station, but…


Features 18 characters, including sub-characters.




Link is here. You have to click on a button to start the gallery in Flash Player.




They have a demo available, which is really nice. It’s about 800MB.



9 thoughts on “[R18+] Gothic Delusion

  1. Hey, is there a walkthrough for this game? Foolmaker doesn’t has it yet and I can’t find it anywhere else.

    1. I did a quick look around the Japanese interwebs, but didn’t find any. My impression that Gothic Delusion is a linear visual novel, there are no selections to be made during the game.

      1. Oh, that’s why it wasn’t on Foolmaker. Then I can play with ease.

        So that means you haven’t tried this game yet?

  2. eww you know who sings lunatic delusion?
    I know .. is “NAO” but any idea how to find out more about her?

  3. wow! the art work for this looks pretty damn good. might just give the demo a shot(even if there’s no english patch or subbs).

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