Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack

Angel Beats!

The sixth, and perhaps the final Angel Beats! CD was released today (early!).


Price: ¥3675 (~$43.5CAD)

As you can tell, its the OST of Angel Beats! that includes all BGM and some vocal songs. The song list is too long to share here, but it’s 2-disc so you can expect quite a bit of music in there.

Also a big selling point – it includes the Episode 13 final ending song Ichiban no Takaramono sung by karuta. This CD will be the only one to include that song.

I think the cover looks better than the one from 「Keep the Beats!」. To be honest I didn’t really like the cover of that album. This cover is simple and elegant and the feather on the piano reminds me of Kanade.

Personally I haven’t ordered it yet, but I’d like to order it sometime. Of course there’s the torrent way but in my opinion, it’s important to buy their work whenever you can – otherwise where would they get the funding, right?


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