Angel Beats! Fes -Thousand Bravers-

Angel Beats!, Japan

There was a one-night, one-time only "festival" celebrating Angel Beats! that took place in Japan last night.

Also, some curious quotes (about future of AB!) from the VAs down below!

Here are some of the photos I’ve collected from the ‘net, and how it went!


The limited, 300-only tickets to buy a mapo tofu dinner.


Here’s what it looked like.



GirlDeMo towels.

Pretty neat stuff. They were given out to the first few hundred people that lined up in the heat (Tokyo area was pretty hot yesterday).

img_1033706_26350756_3Outside the live stage.

The actual event started at 18:00 as you see there.

Tenshi cosplay
This event is pretty much another live before the Japan-wide GirlDeMo tour kicks off on August 3.
Something a bit different: whereas previous lives featured the VAs for Yui, Yuri, Kanade and Iwasawa only, this live featured VAs for Otonashi, Yuri, Yui, Kanade, Hinata and Naoi. So pretty much the main cast. They would each sing a part.
Song list:
1. Crow Song – marina/LiSA
2. Alchemy – marina
3. My Song – marina
4. Thousand Enemies – LiSA
5. Shine Days – LiSA
6. Little Braver – LiSA
7. My most precious treasure – LiSA
8. Highest Life – Maeda Jun
9. My Soul, Your Beats! – Lia
10. Brave Song – Aoi Tada
11. My most precious treasure – karuta
– encore-
12. SSS Theme Song – Otonashi, Yuri, Kanade, Hinata, Yui, Naoi
13. My Soul, Your Beats! (GirlDeMo ver.) – LiSA/Kitamura Eri (Yui)
14. Crow Song – LiSA/marina/Lia/Aoi Tada/karuta
I wonder how the 5P finale of Crow Song would’ve been like. Must’ve been gooooood.
The tickets that rained during Crow Song/Alchemy, just like in the anime.

Some of the in-live dialog:

Hinata: "Otonashi, you have seen Tenshi’s breasts…!?"
Otonashi: "It was….truly angelic"
Yui: "I’ll take my shirt off too!"
Hinata: “Yui, only do that in front of me!"
Otonashi: "Kanade. I really love you!"
Kanade: "I love you too"
*Kanade’s VA became too happy and dere and threw the script book at the audience*
And some lucky fellow picked up the scriptbook!!! Signed by Otonashi and with the SSS logo~
It reads: "Me too (I love you too)" from the above scene.
Yuri: "What, I’m the lone lightbulb here!?"
Yuri: "Hinata and Yui are in love too much, it irritates me"
Kanade: "Yuri doesn’t have anyone?"
Yuri: "I want to go out with someone that’s not dumb~"
Kanade: "Then I suppose you won’t have anyone left…"
Yuri: “Were you happy when Otonashi took you (to the fishing trip) from your garden?
Kanade: “Not really…”
Yuri: “What was your impression of Otonashi-kun?”
Kanade: “The person that bought me mapo tofu the other day”
Kanade: “Or rather, a mapo tofu person”
Kanade: “In fact I only saw mapo tofu walking towards me”
Hinata: “Seems like you only conditioned her with food…”
Holy shit LiSA is fucking cute

Second Season wished by VAs?

Hanazawa Kana, VA of Tenshi:

I want to see the continuation of Angel Beats!

Ogada Megumi, VA of Naoi / Lia:

Angel Beats! isn’t finished just yet!

Sakurai Yarumi, VA of Yuri:

Do whatever you to ask Aniplex so we can have more AB! Fes!

To me it seems like most of the VAs want to push Key for a second season. The rumors of a second season hasn’t died down just yet, and this certainly in line with my previous posts, found here.

All in all, must’ve been a cool event. I would’ve loved to hear Otonashi’s confession and the oppai-talk! Open-mouthed smile


12 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Fes -Thousand Bravers-

      1. for real? that hilarious xD
        also the mapo tofu and lone lightblub parts make me lol harder >,<

  1. That is hilarious ^^
    But some voice actors were missing, right? Was Ooyama’s there at least?

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