K-ON! Azunyan Mug Cup

K-ON!!, Purchases

Here’s another item I’ve had for a while now – and one I’ve promised to update about 10 days ago. Oops.

Images taken with Sharp SH-06A @10.0MP, reduced to 1920X1440.


Here’s the box…


A large box indeed.

Hit past the break for more!

Peeking out from this…


Wrapped with bubble wraps, and then paper. Hobby Search does a good job.


The Cup

It is solidly packed so it won’t move during shipping. It is ceramic after all.


The cat print really gets to me. It isn’t clear from this picture but the cup itself is quite a bit more pink than this.

The Saucer

As you can see, the saucer has Azusa with cat ears printed. The text says “nyaa”.


Complete Set

It looks really good. The mugcup is unique and it represents Azusa well.


My only regret is not buying two so I can use one. For ¥2500 though, it definitely was not a cheap cup. It looks good sitting on my shelf alongside Azusa nendoroid though!


K-ON! Azunyan Mug Cup


In Stock


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