K-ON!! Final Ending



This above image is the leaked final volume of K-ON!! from 2ch.

Translated script:

March 31. It was senpai’s graduation ceremony.

Azusa: It was really fun being in a band with you…I’ve been cheered on so many times by Yui-senpai’s cheerfulness too…

Yui: Azunyan?

Azusa: I won’t be mad anymore even if you forget your lyrics…I won’t be mad if you hug me…

Azusa: Just please don’t graduate…

Well, here we go folks. K-ON!! ended unlike the typical “everyone lives happily ever after” ending.

Considering that Azusa was one year younger than other HTT members, I’m sure this was a predicted outcome for many.

Just sad to know that there won’t be any more K-ON!! to look forward to in the future.


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