Internet Explorer 9 Beta Summary


So, the beta’s been out for just over two hours now. I’m writing this summary from the beta, in fact.

So here’s my initial review.


As you can see, the interface has been revamped significantly. Some call it “Chrome-like”. I don’t think it’s related to Chrome at all myself, since most browsers seem to be moving tabs to the top.

The tab space is somewhat small since it’s compressed to the right. Haven’t been a problem for me yet but I have to wonder why they went with this design.

I really appreciate the fully aero-ized interface as well. Tabs are translucent – which look very nice.


It is fast. Sometimes faster than Firefox, sometimes slower. I don’t use Chrome enough to compare, so I won’t mention it here.

I personally don’t believe in synthetic benchmarks, so I have not done testing yet, nor do I plan to do so.

The interface speed is also fast. Internet Explorer 8 opened plenty fast, but this is even faster. Tabs open nearly instantaneously.

Pages don’t get stuck while loading anymore, which it did somewhat occassionally in Internet Explorer 8.


I’ve only used it for an hour or so yet, but my first impressions are great. Considering that this is still a beta, it’s plausible that Microsoft will continue improving the product for the time it launches.

I hope Microsoft can get developers on board with extensions. If enough developers sign on, this can become a real contender to Firefox.


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