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I have finally completed Little Busters! as of today. 3 years late, but better to be late than never have played. Because literally, it will change you.

After refrain, I now truly understand the destructive potential of Maeda Jun and his pen. If you were moved by Angel Beats!, this will destroy you into pieces.

Never before did I think a mere game would make me shed tears. Maeda did just that.

In all, it took me just over 7 hours to play through Refrain. Coming on verge of tears countless times by the amazing illustration of friendship, growth and the cruel reality.

I translate and repeat this –

  • AIR is Art
  • Kanon is Miracle
  • CLANNAD is Family
  • Little Busters! is Friendship

I won’t say much more. Refrain is better left untold for the general population – only those that spent the time, clearing all 6 heroines should reveal the true story of Little Busters! – they have earned that right.


11 thoughts on “[Little Busters!] Refrain

  1. After Story brought me utterly into tears. While I’m still struggling to clear LB! since I’m not natively fluent in japanese so its taking me awhile to translate the dialog. Angel Beats might be very touching but I think my experience going thru my After Story episode (the VN not the animated series) has make me more resistance to sheding tears but in the end I believe it wasn’t because of that but because it was too short for me to complete be absorbed into the series. Which the VN have plenty of, the time and attention of the player.

    I’m don’t just believe in the power of Maeda’s pen but also the power of his finger tips to some of the most memorable soundtrack.

    1. Clannad is on my next visual novel to clear. I hear it is just as destructive as Little Busters! – I’ll be looking forward to that. Glad to see another Key visual novel player – in fact, anyone that even knows about LB – in the West!

      1. I personally believe that clannad is even more destructive than LB. While LB is a generally well-rounded in both enjoyability and depth, as well as other factors involved, clannad excels like no other in the story and music department. As a (self-claimed) story critic, these two factors are invaluable because the BGM is like the spices that bring out the flavour of the main course, which is the story. Every single song in clannad is tailored to fully bring out the emotions in an already overwhelming script. Or maybe I’m just biased because I finished it only recently, I donno.

        1. You have a point, which was reiterated by Maeda himself in a LB! interview actually; he admitted that CLANNAD had more tearly moments, but the “maximal windspeed” (so to speak) was greater in LB!. Of course that’s just the writer’s opinion though.

          Listening through both the soundtracks though, I really like the variety in LB! soundtrack over CLANNAD. While on soundtracks, LB! soundtrack is bit of a departure from traditional Key music as well (so I’ve been told from the artbook interview) so in a way, LB! wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

          1. @worlDOMOnation
            going to your first comment. But sorry to say but I only one timezone away from Japan but depending where you looking at, the place I’m living is a melting pot of different culture background and tradition with a retouch of Western modernization along the way.

            While I haven’t completed all the character arc in LB, let alone the extra unlockable arc so I personally can’t conclude how “destructive” LB can be. Not saying its not destructive but when comparing to Clannad, I have no rights to do so since I haven’t finish the complete LB experience as i say before.

            @panzer magier
            I also agree with your points there. I find LB having a greater variety BGM where Clannad has a more focussed BGM. Tailor make to specifically match with the story beautifully not saying LB isn’t great. But theres just something with Clannad’s BGM and story as one giving it an extra kick. To prove how “destructive” Clannad was to me, if I played each BGM, I still can recall each scene or character or plot that it represents.

            To say the least.
            Before I watched Clannad(animated series), I have dislike for all harem VN adaption to anime with their cliche plots but after watching Clannad for the first time, it turn my world upside-down. It helped me with a few things. First, my definition of “destructive” or for me “emotional” story. I don’t know about you but I took me a month too get it over it. Another prove how destructive Clannad was too me. and no medicine at that time could save me except the poison itself.

  2. オメ!リトバスは本当に良い作品だよね

    I love Key’s works. I literally and actually was changed by them.
    So I’m looking forward to playing Rewrite. It will naturally move me to tears.

  3. Hated angel beats. But I hope refrain will be good when its translated. Been following the series since the start..

  4. Man, Refrain from Little Busters! and After Story from Clannad are some of the most well-written and emotional story arcs ever created. While both of them have a simple yet excelent storytline and ends happilly, there are also some very cruel moments that can destroy the strongest of the mans in a matter of seconds. I, personally, dislike reading, yet Clannad and Little Busters! made me go through two entire Visual Novels in full english (I’m from Brazil, so that’s even worse for me), and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Seriously, if you enjoy great storylines with huge plot twists and/or deep character development, then you NEED to check out either Clannad or Little Busters! by yourself. Even with many hardships, I managed to read the entire story of both games and I’m pretty sure they are two of the best productions I’ve seen in my entire life.

    -Brazilian fan

  5. This might be a bit late but if you play refrain again, you get to make a choice that you couldn’t before.

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