☆Bought a N-01B!!


So, like the title says, I’ve added yet another keitai into my inventory.

The newest addition is a black N-01B from NTTdocomo STYLE Series, released last winter. So technologically, this phone is still quite new. Of course, it doesn’t say STYLE Series without justification – this phone is an amazing fusion of high spec, slim design and beautifully illuminated body.

The N-01B is manufactured by NEC, a longtime player in the cellphone industry. My particular N-01B is a black color.

This particular one was in nearly new condition. It still sells on Yahoo! Auctions Japan for $370-$470, but I managed to get this for $195! ♪──o(。´・∀・`。)o──♪


As you can see the lid had absolutely no scratches, not even thin ones. The screen is still untouched, with a factory-applied screen protector. The keys are shiny but these also show no sign of use.

Hit past the break for more photos of a beautiful keitai!


When the phone is open it reveals beautiful LEDs embedded within the keypad. The LEDs are capable of multiple colors, and can blink to many different patters. For mine I have the key backlight set to a combination of yellow/cyan LED. The keypad LED is really visible even under sunlight, so you know how powerful it is in the dark.

When the phone is closed six LEDs illuminate the tip. Unfortunately I can’t change the color of these LEDs but I can modify the pattern that it will blink in.


And that’s how the N-01B looks like in the dark. Amazingly beautiful phone! Those LEDs light up every single button nicely. This was pretty much the reason I bought this phone for – the LED illumination.


The three generations of keitais owned by me.

From left to right – SH906i, SH-06A, N-01B


Each keitai represent different generations of keitai. Sh906i hails from Summer 2008; SH-06A hails from Summer 2009; N-01B hails from Winter 2009/2010.

The SH906i has a 3.0” screen, while the SH-06A has a 3.3” screen. The N-01B sports a 3.2” screen.


For $195, I’d say this was totally worth it. Considering that it still sells on auction in its home base of Japan for ~$400, I got a fantastic deal. And it was 98% brand new!


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