Shinryaku! Ika Musume EP1

Shinryaku! Ikamusume

So here’s a series that I’ve been looking forward to seeing it animated.

It’s actually a recent discovery of mine; I knew about a manga that featured an anthromoprhic squid girl from a while ago, but nothing more.

Then just four days ago I found a torrent for RAW manga files and I gave it a shot. The manga itself is very interesting and funny. If there’s an English translation I’d suggest giving it a try. Remember to support the creators while you’re at it!


The entire story revolves around a squid girl that comes to the surface to “invade” humanity that has polluted the seas for so long.


Yet despite her efforts to secure the beach hut as her base of operations, she somehow ends up working for them for a bit.

Hit past the break for more overview and images from EP1!


Her stay becomes even longer when Ikamusume kills a mosquito by blasting a hole in the kitchen wall.


Of course she isn’t the brightest of the bunch, and thinks that Takeru is another one of her comrades.


Apparently her squid ink makes excellent spaghetti though. This kind of spaghettis are popular in Japan; I’ve personally had them when I lived there as well.


But Ikamusume’s intention to “invade” land still hasn’t been abandoned, it seems. Which lands her in a very, very scary situation that leads to this↓


What now?

All in all, it was a very enjoyable first episode. It stayed amazingly faithful to the original manga.

I’ve read until Vol. 2 so far. I think Ikamusume is an anime that people should keep an eye on; it does the “gag” part nicely.


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