Yosuga no Sora EP1

Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora is actually an anime I’ve been waiting for a while – after learning that Miwa Manabu (@Manack) will be taking part in providing the music. It’s the same Manack that took part in Key’s visual novel Little Busters! and Kud Wafter – and I loved his BGM arranges, so that explains why I was stoked for this to finally air.

Now, for all my enthusiasm, I have no clue how the story in Yosuga no Sora goes. All I know is that this was originally a R-18 AVG released by Sphere about 2 years ago.


Kasugano Sora and Kasugano Haruka have moved back to the rural countryside from the city after losing their parents in an accident. They are heading to the house where their grandparents once lived.

More details of EP1 past the break!


At a convenience store. The brown-haired girl is called Akira. Haruka once played in the local shrine when they were kids.


The dark-dark-green haired girl is Nao. She is apparently one year older than Haruka and they live next door to Haruka and Sora’s residence.


Sora refuses to attend school. While wasting time at home, she recalls a situation when they were younger, playing hide and seek in their dad’s medical room.


It seems as if, no matter who it is, every girl that sees Haruka is instantly taken by his looks. Totally AVG situation here.


And yes, this anime features nipples…


…and masturbation. All normally censored contents, but let’s thank AT-X for broadcasting this. Thanks, AT-X!


After seeing Haruka give Nao a ride back home after they collide (notice Nao’s band-aid on her knees?) Sora becomes jealous. Of course, she presses herself upon Haruka, in underwear (°∀°) ( ̄Ц ̄) *nosebleed*


And the story continues…

What now?

Yeah, the music lived up to my expectations. Manack is a god BGM creator!

I also liked the OP, sung by riya/eufonius of CLANNAD fame. I’ve always loved riya’s voice as it was smooth and consistent.

The ED, on the other hand, was from an artist/group I never heard of, but the animation was really interesting. The song was good as well.

Story wise, I’ll admit it: I’m slightly confused, since I never played the original AVG. Some parts are flashbacks, some are present day events. It isn’t explained explicitly why they are on a train, heading to the rural countryside. They aren’t plot holes, however.

Looking at those facts, I get the feeling that this anime is aimed more towards the diehard Yosuga no Sora fan crowd more than the “general” anime audience. Case in point: this goes past moe anime with various nipple/fanservice scenes and brother-sister love. Or so I think, from my limited anime knowledge.

However it turns out though, I think I’ll enjoy this anime fully. Looking forward to seeing Episode 2!


One thought on “Yosuga no Sora EP1

  1. I only took notice Yosuga no Sora recently prior to its airing. Its anime PV lead me to feel that theres more to the series than meets the eye so I decide to give it a try. Armed with literally no background knowledge of Yosuga no Sora, I watched it and was blow by it. Loved the BGM, didn’t expect that from it. But what I was very impress was the story, as you say, there wasn’t a loophole in the story for the style and type of plot that its trying to tell. While confuse at first but given enough time to think and assets it, I find it has elements to be a potentially “damaging”

    While I lol’ed hard at the second part and the 2nd ED?!?!

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