Shinryaku! Ika Musume EP2

Shinryaku! Ikamusume

The second episode aired a few days ago. Sadly I was busy leading an application development group, so I only watched it now. I read the manga so I knew its storyline though.


This episode we’re introduced to Goro, who’s a childhood friend of Eiko and a lifeguard.


They both misunderstand each other, but they both “protect the seas” in different ways.


Some days later Ika-chan sees a menu she’s never seen before. After being told that’s a birthday cake, she just decides that today is her birthday.


She has some hilarious moments with the decorations for her “birthday” party. A ticked off Eiko throws her into a storage room.


Ika-chan mistakes the conversation outside the storage room as preparation to eat her alive. Well, she’s a squid after all. I’d eat her up (in a different way ≧(´▽`)≦)


Our lovely Ika-chan put too many candles on the cake, and she couldn’t blow it out after two tries. On the last one…well, you can see for yourself.


Of course no Japanese summer is complete without fireworks.


This is Sanae. Pretty cute average girl.


And that’s her dog, Alex. Ika-chan doesn’t like dogs, it seems. Though she sees how well Alex is treated by Eiko and demands “equal treatment”.


…aaand this is the result.


Meanwhile, Ika-chan has invaded Sanae’s heart.


That’s Ika-chan’s name on the album. Who wouldn’t be curious?


It seems that being photographed like a model is Ika-chan’s weaknesses.


So when Eiko took Alex out for a walk, Ika-chan was being subjected to cosplay photography session.


I’d totally dig Ika-chan in an elementary schoolgirl outfit. Yes, I’m a lolicon. No worries, 2D ONLY – not interested in 3D.


And so that’s how Episode 2 went. Following almost exactly the original work, I might add.


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