au by KDDI Cyber-Shot S006


Lastly, we have the highest megapixel count ever put into a cellphone, courtesy of Sony Ericsson Japan.

It is the au by KDDI Cyber-Shot S006, featuring the world’s first 16.2MP sensor. So Japan has claimed world’s first in 12.1MP, 13.2MP and now 16.2MP. Amazing.

Sony calls it the Exmor R sensor and although it is of the CMOS variant, Sony promises clear and beautiful photos even in low-light conditions.

Also in a first for Sony Ericsson, the camera and photo viewer UI will be touch-enabled. Previous Sony handsets have not had this feature.

The product is still in its developmental stages, so its dimensions nor weight has been not been finalized yet. So I presume that the photo here is of a prototype device.

S006 will feature a 1.0GHz Snapdragon processor, allowing smooth operation. Externally, it will be fully waterproofed despite its monster camera.


More photos available here.


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