au iida X-RAY revealed!


au has also revealed another unique device at their 2010 Fall/Spring lineup debut.

It’s the iida X-RAY, a phone designed with “transparency” in mind.

For the unfamiliar, iida is au’s style/concept division which markets phones that are unique and different. Their previous products included the iida LIGHT POOL among others.


This is how the front cover of the iida X-RAY looks like. The external display is a 7X120 pixel one made specifically for this model, which gives it an “electronic” feel.

The electronic chips you see on the cover and inside the phone are all actual chips located inside the PCB of the phone. The phone’s plastic is a new type that is semi-transparent.


It will come in 3 color variations.

The main display is FWVGA 854X480 3.0” LCD. It will feature a 8.0MP CMOS main camera on the back. The processor is a 1.0GHz Snapdragon model, in accordance to the KCP3.0+ platform.

It’s a pretty damn cool phone. The semitransparent cover is a new idea.



Original article here.


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