REGZA Phone “IS04” Announced!


Update: New photos below!

Fujitsu-Toshiba Mobile Communications has just announced the Toshiba REGZA Phone IS04 for au by KDDI in Japan, at the au 2010 Fall/Spring collection debut!


It will feature Android 2.1 with Flash lite, multitouch and a 12.1MP CMOS sensor, as well as waterproofing.

The display will be a 854X480 FWVGA LCD panel at 4.0”. A 1.0GHz Snapdragon processor is at the heart of this gorgeous device.

What sets this smartphone aside from other ones in the Japanese market (HTC Desire, iPhone) is that it will feature all the advanced goodies of the Japanese market, such as 1Seg Digital TV, Infrared transfer and sending/receiving native e-mails on the device. It will also function as a mobile wallet thanks to “osaifu-keitai” integration. The high megapixel count also is in line with what other keitais offer in this age in Japan.

Original article.

More photos:


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