Yosuga no Sora EP3

Yosuga no Sora

And so this week’s story begins.

It looks like we’ve entered Kazuha route with Episode 3.


*NOTE: Yeah, that image on top right is Haruka’s imagination only!

Kazuha opens up to Haruka about her true relationship to Akira. In fact it turns out that they’re stepsisters.


One of the few(er) times Sora appears in the episode.


Ryohei makes a splashy entrance into Episode 3, but I question his methods.


That’s the face of impending doom.

Yes, they’re at a beach because apparently it was a non-instructional day.

Swimsuit Sora 大━゚+。(〃▽人)。+゚━好き


Predictably, a situation develops under the umbrella between the two while Sora looks on in jealousy.


That’s a beautiful sunset.


Kazuha invites Haruka to make things from straw in preparation for the festival. But she gets spirited away by her butlers for missing her scheduled practices. In the car, she closes her eyes and mesmerizes her younger days.


Haruka invites Kazuha out for a date.


On the way home, Kazuha invites Haruka to Akira’s birthday part next Sunday.

Haruka isn’t able to control himself any longer and goes straight for the mouth.


Meanwhile, we see a Haruka-less Sora bond closer with Akira.


The contrast between Sora and Haruka is nicely done, I think.


So we end with Akira falling on her butt after losing balance.

The story continues…


I still love the BGM and music. It is absolutely fantastic, I think.


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