Yui-nyan Dakimakura to come with G’s Festival! Vol. 15!

Angel Beats!

It is official!

Dengeki G’s Festival! COMIC Vol. 15, to go on sale on December 25, will come with a life-size dakimakura cover featuring Yui from Angel Beats!

I’m going “excellent, excellent” about this!

By the way, for those that forgot, Vol. 14 of the same magazine came with this:

Yeah, a nearly fully nude Kanade!


In other news, the December 2010 issue of Dengeki G’s magazine will come with a bath-poster of Kanade in white school swimsuit!

It’s going to be a busy December this year! My wallet will be crying too (^_-)-☆


17 thoughts on “Yui-nyan Dakimakura to come with G’s Festival! Vol. 15!

        1. Didn’t know about those, but something about their expressions look a bit off to me. Maybe its the photo angle, but who knows. I’ll try asking my figure buddy about it.

  1. How much would it be to buy the Yui-nyan daimakura and shipping? And what’s the cheapest and most reputable website I can order it from? *-*

    1. I usually use http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/ (Hobby Search) for my shopping needs. Their prices are very reasonable (sometimes cheaper than Amazon Japan).

      Shipping depends but from Japan to Canada, it costs me about the same as the item itself, so it definitely isn’t cheap, but that’s life.

    2. I’m curious myself as to where to order from since they are usually up months before they release but jlist/amazon/hlj/hobbysearch/amiami don’t have it. So if anyne manages to find it can you let me know? =)

      1. It might be that Hobby Search decides not to carry it, but I wouldn’t rush if I were you; I got burned once, thinking that they won’t carry G’s Festival! Deluxe Vol. 7 (https://worldomonation.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/%e9%9b%bb%e6%92%83gs-festival-deluxe-vol-7/).

        But after I ordered that and Vol. 17 from Getchu.com, Hobby Search turned around and carried it.

        My point: don’t rush. Even if Hobby Search doesn’t carry it after all, you can still order from Amazon.

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