Yosuga no Sora EP4

Yosuga no Sora

Episode 4 concludes the Kazuha route.


Hit past the break for more photos. Warning: NSFW!


A worried Kazuha throws everything out of the window and attends to Akira every day. But Akira helps Kazuha see that it is unnecessary, and that she’s missing something more important in her life – Haruka.

Cue some Yuri action.



Akira’s birthday party goes as planned, but Kazuha falls ill and misses the celebration. But Haruka learns something about Kazuha that day as well.


Kazuha’s Past

Sora is obviously jealous. She makes her attempt, but Haruka instead makes a run for Yahiro’s sweets shop.


A Visit

Haruka visits the Migiwa residence to give his get-well and birthday gift to Kazuha.


The Festival

Haruka and Kazuha explores the history of Akira, Kazuha and the Migiwa family, while a life-altering event takes place in parallel.



Kazuha and her father finally resolving their longstanding mutual misunderstanding. Haruka relives the great memory from last night to the tune of Kazuha’s viola.


That concludes the Kazuha route in Yosuga no Sora.


From my understanding, here’s are the facts –

  • Kazuha and Akira are stepsisters.
  • Akira was adopted by a shrine master when she was an orphan. When the master died, no one took her in. So Yahiro looked after Akira.
  • Kazuha knew for a long time that Akira was her stepsister, but did not understand why her father treated Akira unlike his daughter. This caused her to dislike her father.
  • It’s implied from Haruka’s talk with Yahiro that the Mr. Migawa has been supporting Akira the whole time, behind cover.

Now I’m interested in seeing how Akira’s route will play out. From the promotional materials I know that Akira and Haruka played together near the shrines in the very distant past – when Haruka’s grandparents and parents were alive. Stay tuned for Episode 5!


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