Moving on from the smartphones, we enter the traditional keitai models. Personally I’d still prefer the keitais due to their uniqueness and high specs (even compared to the latest smartphones).

Looking at the 002SH, I have to wonder what this means for the NTTdocomo variant that’s sure to be coming on Nov. 8 (Nov. 7 in Canada).


Visually the phone changes little from its predecessor, the 945SH and its predecessor, the 940SH. That isn’t to say that there hasn’t been improvements, though.

For one, the camera has been upgraded to a 14.1MP CCD HD unit. Even more impressively, the camera starts up in 0.5seconds – beating the previous world record holder, the P-01B at 0.8seconds. The extremely fast startup means that it’ll be much easier to capture those fleeting moments that would’ve otherwise be missed with a traditional phone.


Did I mention that the keitai is waterproof up to IPX7 level (1m deep)? And dustproof to the highest standard as well. Impressive for such an high-end, feature-packed phone. In fact, I’d challenge any Western smartphone user to match the all-rounded features of Japanese phones. No other market simply offers so much in a device so little, period.



Main Features

  • 3.4” FWVGA AQUOS LCD screen
  • 14.1MP CCD HD camera
  • Wi-Fi radio
  • Water/Dustproof

002SH is slated to go on sale at the end of November.


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