SoftBank “Galapagos” 003SH


This is indeed a very interesting smartphone device. For one, it carries the world’s first 3D display on a mobile phone. Second, it carries a high-resolution CCD camera (much like many other keitais out there). Third, it represents a real challenge from Sharp in the Android arena. Let’s take a look.


The 003SH features most, if not all of the daily features Japanese mobile users have had for the last 4~5 years. One of them is 1seg digital television. Other features include keitai mail, infrared ports and mobile wallet “Osaifu-keitai”.



Reportedly the 003SH will also support 3D wallpapers as well.



10-key input interface. It supports flick text input as well, a staple of the iPhone for many years.




I think this phone really represents a contender in the global smartphone market. It also shows that Japanese makers are back again, taking innovations to a new high – such as the inclusion of the world’s first 3D mobile display. I truly wish Sharp will find a successful model in their hands with the 003SH.


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