SoftBank Lumix Phone 001P


Here’s a phone that was talked about quite a bit even on Engadget, a smartphone fanboy playground. It’s the first phone from Panasonic to bear the Lumix brand name – Panasonic’s famed camera division.


Just looking at the front face, you’d almost mistake the phone for an actual point-and-shoot. Only the tiny “Phone” letting indicates that something else is here.



The front face. The dial in the middle is called the jog dial – a famous feature pioneered by Mitsubishi before they exited the phone market. The famed D905i was the last model to carry it.

The tradition was continued by Panasonic after they absorbed the Mitsubishi mobile division. Notably the P-02B and P-08A carried the jog dials.

The front screen is touchscreen-enabled, so controlling the camera is easy.



The sensor is a 13.2MP HD CMOS unit capable of 720p video. The camera starts up in a mere 0.9seconds – amazingly fast considering that the iPhone4 takes more than 1.5 seconds and many other smartphones take twice or even three times that.



It’s a beautifully crafted slider. I hope it would appear on NTTdocomo as the P-01C as well.


Main Features

  • 13.2MP CMOS HD camera
  • 3.3” FWVGA touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi radio
  • Powerful LED flash

7 thoughts on “SoftBank Lumix Phone 001P

  1. just wondering, which Canadian company’s SIM card works in Japanese phones like NTT DOCOMO Fujitsu F-04B?

    1. The SIM card can’t be from Telus/Bell since they only run a UMTS network. Rogers/Fido works since they have a UMTS/GSM network.

      Out of the two, Rogers 3040-series card seems to be the best type according to people. A lot has to do with your SIM/HyperSIM combination too, though. My card is a U.02 SIM but combined with CNSimcard (HyperSIM) it’s quite stable.

      1. i see, don’t really understand all the terms yet, guess i’ll worry about that after getting that phone.

        1. Wait you’re getting it? Wow that’s nice.

          You should also take a look at the Japanese Phones section at Howardforums if you haven’t so already. There’s a user there that compared it to the F-06B as well.

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