NTTDocomo Winter/Spring 2011 Collection Debut!


Today marked the debut of the much-awaited “C” series of NTTdocomo phones.

With all Japanese carriers focusing more on smartphones these days, the launch of several smartphones was inevitable. But the traditional keitai lineup from NTTdocomo was much more impressive than from SoftBank just a few days earlier.

Style Series


The Style series focuses on females more than ever before. From left to right, F-02C, F-04C, F-05C, L-01C, N-01C, N-02C, P-02C, SH-02C and SH-04C.

PRIME Series


As I predicted, the SoftBank 001P “Lumix Phone” also made it to NTTdocomo as the P-03C. The PRIME Series as a whole continues the cutting-edge, male-oriented design that has defined the Japanese mobile market for the last 10 years.

From left to right, F-01C, N-03C, P-03C, SH-01C.

SMART Series


The SMART Series is mainly aimed at professionals and businessmen who prefers having a slim, lean phone for productivity. These models both feature slim design and an extraordinarily long battery life.

From left to right, F-03C and P-01C.

PRO Series


The PRO series continue the tradition of Japanese-based “smarter” phones. These are based on the OS that all Japanese people know and have gotten used to over the last 10 years.

From left to right, top to bottom: L-03C, SH-05C, SH-06C, SH-05C, SH-07C, SH-08C.


Individual articles are coming soon!


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