NTTdocomo STYLE Series Roundup!


Here’s the round two of the NTTdocomo Fall/Spring 2011 model roundup. This time, the focus is on the STYLE Series. From the name, it’s obvious that STYLE series is mainly geared towards the female users – as well as the males who like a stylish handset instead.

Here are some of the more interesting models of this season.

Fujitsu F-02C


The F-02C is a STYLE Series phone that carries PRIME Series-equivalent specs. In fact, if it weren’t for the more decoratively oriented design this can pass for a PRIME Series phone.

The main feature is the 12.2MP camera that starts up in 0.5 seconds, complimented with 1080p FULL HD recording support. Flipped open, it reveals a beautiful 3.3” FWVGA screen and a 0.3MP in-camera for taking self-portraits. The internals are protected from external elements via an IPX5/IPX7 standard waterproofing, which is impressive for a phone only 13.2mm thick.



  • 12.2MP camera with 1080p FULL HD recording
  • 3.3” FWVGA internal LCD/0.8” external OLED display
  • IPX5/IPX7 waterproofing
  • 13.2mm thick
  • Comes with two extra body panels which can be swapped out to change the design of the phone

Fujitsu F-04C/F-05C


This represents the first time Fujitsu has offered a slider type phone for the STYLE Series. Previous Fujitsu sliders have been exclusively PRIME Series (F-06B, F-04B, F-09A, etc). Whereas previous Fujitsu sliders included Yoko-motion in addition to ordinary sliding, the F-04C/F-05C is a simple, no-frills slider model much like the Mitsubishi D905i and Panasonic P-02B. In fact, design wise, it looks really close to those two models.

This model takes a step back in terms of hardware specs; it only comes with a 5.1MP outer camera, but has a relatively powerful 1.3MP internal camera for self-portraits and TV calls. The main display is rather small at 3.0”, but it still is FWVGA resolution. The display does feature a resistive touch panel though; it also will come with a stylus for drawing onto photos.

The F-05C is a collaboration model version of the F-04C in partnership with SHIBUYA109.


  • 3.0” FWVGA LCD display
  • 5.1MP external camera/1.3MP internal camera
  • Resistive touchscreen



NEC has been making ultra-slim fashion phones under the “μ” label beginning with the N905iμ which was a big hit in 2007. Since then, the names may have changed and features increased, but the overall silhouette has remained much the same.

The N-01C continues the NEC tradition of slim, lightweight fashion phone. Keen readers will notice that the external design strongly resembles the N-01B (which I own) but the keypad design is similar to the N-08A/N-02A. With the N-01C, NEC didn’t aim to increase hardware specs – rather it focused on improving user experience and the illumination.

For example, the illumination on the front cover has been improved over the N-01B which had 6 fiixed-color lamps. The N-01C can now illuminate the external display in as many patterns one can imagine. Users in Japan would be able to access “Everyone’s N-Land” and download more preset illumination patterns for both the keypad and display illumination.

Camera has remained the same at 8.1MP from the N-01B, but the startup time has been further reduced to 0.5 seconds, with 0.6 seconds between shots. The 0.3MP inside camera also now has a dedicated shortcut key, doubling as a hand mirror.


  • 8.1MP camera
  • 3.2” FWVGA internal LCD/OLED external display
  • 12.9mm thin
  • Beautifully illuminated keypad

Sharp SH-02C


Sharp has consistently been the top contender in every season and while it seems to have slowed down slightly somewhat in recent years, they’re still going strong. The SH-02C is proof of that.

The SH-02C is really an improvement of the SH-08B from last season. This design language really started with the 934SH “mirumo” from SoftBank – which made it to the SH-08B and now the SH-02C. Frankly, I personally like this flat design better than the SH-02B which featured a rounded “crystal” design.

Hardware wise, the previously 8.0MP CCD camera has been upgraded to the 9.6MP CCD unit found in most Sharp smartphones and keitais lately. The camera is paired to a 3.2” FWVGA MobileASV display which guarantees exceptional screen quality. Complementing the design is IPX5/IPX7 waterproofing.

As you can tell from the photos above, the external display is rather funky, but I think it looks unique. The nearly-flat back design is also a change from the usual bulge seen in other keitais.


  • 3.2” FWVGA MobileASV display with AQUOS technology
  • 9.6MP CCD camera
  • IPX5/IPX7 waterproofing

Sharp SH-04C


Lastly we have the second Q-Pot collaboration model to come out so far. Last year, the SH-04B fetched ridiculously high prices in both Japan and overseas – with some eBay listing charging $1500 for the phone. It was limited production after all – and the same thing happened with the SH-06A NERV edition too.

Whereas the SH-04B featured a melting chocolate on the front cover, the SH-04C this time around features a biscuit dipped in molten chocolate. In essence, this phone is a specialized limited-production edition of the SH-02C – but the fact that it is a limited edition collaboration model is sure to skyrocket the listing prices.

Feature wise, it is identical to the SH-02C listed above, but in addition to the default themes, exclusive Q-Pot contents are preinstalled on the phone as well.


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