NO, Thank You! Limited Edition Unwrapping

K-ON!!, Purchases

I managed to find a Limited Edition floating around the web nearly 4 months after they first went on sale. Most of the time, the initial Limited Edition CDs sell out like hotcakes, leaving those that are too slow with a regular edition.

But, here it is – the first K-ON!! single for me and one of my favorite.


Peeking out from the wrapper…



NO, Thank You! in its pristine state.



The disc is very shiny. It has the Yu-Gi-Oh! card effect to it.



The bonus for Limited Edition CDs – interchangeable album art featuring Tainaka Ritsu, Nakano Azusa, Akiyama Mio, Hirasawa Yui and Kotobuki Tsumugi.

The “cards” have lyrics or other album information printed on the back.



The back cover.


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