Yosuga no Sora EP6

Yosuga no Sora

Concluding the Akira arc is Episode 6.


Haruka talks to Yahiro, the guardian of Akira, about her past. She knew about the diary, but never asked Akira what was written.

Hit past the break to see a twisty end to Akira’s tale.


Akira tells Haruka that their relationship is over. She is scared to lose everything again – and be alone in this world.

I also really like her art here. It’s really well-drawn.


Haruka tells Kazuha the story of her and Akira’s parents. That night, Kazuha talks to her mother about a possible DNA test. She pointedly refuses any suggestions.


Akira relives her memory from years ago when she was an orphan. Anyone will cry when they hear that they’re the “unwanted child”. But an old man, presumably Kazuha’s father, defends Akira.


On the day of the results, Akira goes missing. Haruka finds her at the train station, and they ride around stations all day.


Akira agrees to return home. They’re greeted by Sora and Kazuha, but their mother joins in the fray.


Kazuha’s mother reveals the story behind Akira’s origins.

She was abandoned by her mother soon after birth, leaving Kazuha’s mother to adopt her. Even then, belonging to a powerful clan, she had to turn her back on Akira as she was not blood related to anyone else.

Akira summons the courage to look at the results. She is not related to Kazuha.


And that concludes the Akira arc.


Surprisingly I liked her route the best so far. The twist in the story was unexpected – I thought it would end just like many other novels.

“Oh look, I hid it from you for years, but I’m your mother. Yay, reunion, and mutual understanding.”

No, it didn’t end like that. So that’s what made me happy.


Next route is Nao. Of course, many have already seen the episodes already, since I’m 2 weeks late….


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