“Afternoon Tea” Drink a Hit with K-ON!! Fans



This afternoon, Kirin Beverages reported that for the first time in 13 years, they shipped more than 40,000,000 cartons of their famous “Go-go no Koucha” (lit. Afternoon Tea) beverages – most likely thanks to K-ON!! fans driving sales up high.

For those who don’t know, Go-go no Koucha/Afternoon Tea is this:


For about a month, Kirin and Lawson (a convenience store chain) held a tie-up promotion where people buying a qualifying Afternoon Tea product can win K-ON!! merchandise.


Hirasawa Yui’s guitar, Giita for 5 super-lucky people.


There was also a rare one-off figure of Hirasawa Yui made just for this campaign.


Predictably, some people went totally nuts.1dbc40a752b787e342a0596e

Horrifying amount of receipts…


At this point it simply becomes hopeless.


The one-off Hirasawa Yui figure mentioned above, going for ¥52,000.


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