Kuroneko Nendoroid, Hanazawa Kana Cosplay

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

From Kana’s official blog:


She’s on the bottom right. Gotta love her cool look. And Kuroneko happens to be my favorite character from the show.

Also revealed a few days ago: Kuroneko Nendoroid


You already know which one I like more, so I will spare you my rant on why Kuroneko is cuter than Kirino. Perhaps when I have a bit more cash, perhaps…


3 thoughts on “Kuroneko Nendoroid, Hanazawa Kana Cosplay

  1. hey, i just got my Fujitsu F-04B today, and i got a question, i notice it didn’t come with a battery recharger or adapter… so how do I recharge the battery of the phone? majority of the manual is in japanese so i don’t understand 80% of it…

    1. Didn’t come with a charger? Odd. You’ll need to buy a charger if that’s the case – if you go to Crystal Mall, you can get one right away. Or if you want it cheaper you can get one from eBay which will be around $10.

      If you need more help feel free to ask me.

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